Words Of Love

Words Of Love

I Can not Love you the way I wish to…

And so I admire you from afar

Your Light Eyes fill the night…

And all that Witness you

Feel Better about Life

And they don’t know why…

You Tumble and Make Jest…

Your Thick Black Shoes make it Safe to Do So

There is a Simplicity about you…

And Yet the Birds Sing specifically for You…

As You Smile

And Give them food…

You Walk through Fountains…

Kicking The Water

And When he takes your hand…

I Envy him

But I am also Glad…

Glad that someone Loves You so

Glad that you are not Alone



2 Responses to “Words Of Love”

  1. The last senteces of this beautiful poem have literally tore my heart strings into pieces. I understand the pain of this poem so perfectly, and there is such tragedy in the acceptance at the end. So beautiful, I can’t even describe how much this has moved me. I am applauding you, my friend 🙂

    Plus, you can never have too much Tegan and Sara ❤

    • Hee Hee, I was hopen you’d like a Dash of Tegan and Sara at the end, Lol… After I wrote this, I watched a bunch of their Live Footaged, and even Whipped out My Blue Acoustic and started teaching Myself “Don’t Confess”

      I’m glad you liked the Poem… Nice to know I’m not the only one out there suffering with such things



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