Shades Of Joy

Shades Of Joy

The Sound of the Rain can be heard across the Crowded Room…

But only by me

I Step out of the Light

And into the Darker Room

Lit by a String of Dim White Lights around the Window Sill…

I am Alone Now

Though Fifty others are only twenty or so feet away…

I Lean softly against the window

The Coolness of the Glass against my Cheek

It’s Cold outside

And the Sky is Full of Falling Rain…

My Eyes Blink From Green

To Blue…

The Sadness has me now

Amongst These Shades of Joy…

I Look back to see if anyone has Noticed my Departure

Inside… They Sing… They Dance… They make Gay

I turn my face back to the Cold Glass

At Least it has missed me…

Or the Print of my Face Seems to say

The Harder I look into the Night…

And watch the Falling, Bouncing Rain

The Less the Present Interests me

It seems All My Joy has gong away…

The Phone Rings

What will you say


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