To Sequel, Or Not To Sequel

I Died Once CoverTo Sequel, Or Not To Sequel

In September of 2011-November of 2011 was the period that I Wrote, and Blog Posted Chapters of My Very First Novella, “I Died Once“.

Earlier this year, I got Permission from the Artist to use this Drawing that she had done, and that I had found online, as the Cover for the Novella.

And My Photographer friend Kirsty and I Designed the actual layout of the book.

Then my Good Friend Beth Reviewed, and Line Edited the First Draft, simply because she likes my work, and partakes in groups of Writers where they Line Edit and Review one another’s work.

In June I ran a Kickstarter Editor Funding Project, so I would have the cash to Pay an Editor to Edit the book.

It was a success, so I went forward with Editing it in July and August, where I actually sat down with my Hired Editor, and Edited the book in preparation of Self Publishing it, which I ended up doing at the End of August/Early September.

Book In StoreIn September I Marketed the Novella via Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and on This, and My Author’s Blog, as well as got it into a Local Bookstore where I also have My First, and Only Self Published Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

I also made “I Died Once” Available as an Ebook, and asked several People that I either knew, or that were Followers of one, or more of my blogs, to Review the Book for me.

In the end, I had some pretty Amazing Reviews, and a couple not so Great… But I was so happy about the Good one’s, that I seemed to recover from the not so good one’s pretty quickly.

“I Died Once” wasn’t a Book that I thought everyone would like… Though I was really pleased to find out that the greater majority of those that had read it, did indeed get something from it.

As a final way to get it into more people’s hands, I hadn’t planned on it, but decided that during the Thanksgiving Weekend, I would Give away FREE Ebooks of “I Died Once”, as a way to get it Read by more People… In hopes to get even more feedback on the book, but also as a way to just get it read… Because as a Writer, at least for me, sure it would, and will be great to make a living at some point via My Writing, but from now, and Forever, having people Read My Work is definitely My Most Important, and Enjoyable thing.

At the end of the Three Day Giveaway, 102 Copies of My Novella had been Downloaded, so I was very pleased… And hope to hear from some of the people that take the time to Read it. Whether they Leave a Review on My Book’s Amazon Page, Leave a Comment here, or Simply Drop me an E-Mail @ JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com.

But none of this is why I am doing this Post right now… A very odd thing has come up for me during the last hand full of days… As many of you may know that are following my Writing Pursuits, I’ve kind of Eased up a bit on Writing New Material, while I focus on getting some of what I have already Written This Year, Self Published.

A Font with SerifsMy Number 1 Focus as of late, as once again many of you know, is My First Completed Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“…

Yes, so far it’s been Reviewed and Line Edited by My Friend Beth, Cleaned Up a bit by me, and Kirsty My Photographer Friend and I have recently Designed, and Completed the Cover…

I’ve also Started a Kickstarter Project for it a few weeks ago, but unlike my “I Died Once” Kickstarter Project in June, this one has not fared quite as well.

Whether it’s because of the Holidays, or the Economy, or maybe I just got a Strong Response on My First one, because it was My First One Ever… Whatever the case may be, I’m not too worried about it. I was apprehensive to do a 2nd one this year, but when November hit, suddenly it felt like the right time…

5 Months had passed since My other Project, so I felt enough time had gone by.
The fact that it may not pan out, will hopefully only cause the Book’s Self Publishing Date to be in January, 2013, instead of December, 2012. Which isn’t a big deal.

And Nextvj-g-31 2 up after “Chess With Agatha”, will be My First in a Series of Vampire Novellas, called “Allure”. The First Draft which I Wrote, and Posted on this Blog in May-August, 2011.

So, like I say, I’ve really backed off on Writing New Content, until I get these two books either Self Published, or Well On Their way to being Self Published.

And then come January, 2013, I will Begin/Continue Writing My Second in the “Chess With Agatha” Trilogy, called “Iliad”.

And I will more than likely Begin/Continue Writing My 2nd Novella in the “Allure” Series…

So yeah, I have my hands full.

But if you’re a Writer, than you probably know, The Writer’s ‘Soul’, if you will, Knows No Schedule… And so suddenly in the last few days, another Novella started to come to me, and I just started to Write it, and see where it took me.

Normally I would Post anything that I Write, but because I’m not sure whether I actually want to go forward with this Particular Novella, I decided to ‘Not’ Post it for now.

And the Reason is this… It is a ‘Sequel’ to My ‘I Died Once” Novella… Let me start by saying, I never planned on Writing any additional Books Connected to the Original… And the truth is, I just don’t know that I want to… Mainly because I really feel that it is a Stand Alone Novella, and some part of me Really Just doesn’t want to Mess with that.

That said, for me when a Character Comes to Life… It Takes on Its Own Life, and so for me, the Main Character is Alive and Well, and Definitely not Fully Explored. Part of this is because she is just a 15 Year Old Girl in “I Died Once”, and thus, the Potential for Story/Life Beyond this Point, is Vast.

But… I just don’t know if I want to Mess With it… I’m Very Proud of “I Died Once”, and I Feel the Story is an Important One… And I’d hate to think that anything I Wrote Here after would by any means Affect the Meaning, and/or Potency of the Original Book.

But, as an Exercise if nothing else, I’ve let myself Write This Next part of Her Story, and just see what comes.

It doesn’t mean that it will ever See The Light of Day… But, at least I can Release These Visions in My Head, that Have been Rapidly Coming at me during the Last Few Days.

I Love the Character of Mady, and though many are annoyed initially by her personality at the Beginning of “I Died Once”, by the end of the Book, most that have read it have told me that they are very fond of her. This makes me very Happy.

Granted, she is a Very Troubled Girl at the beginning of the book, which definitely played a role in why her personality was the way it was… But still, as a Reader, it is important that you Like the Character that the Book is Written about… At least on some level… At least I think that it is Important.

And so… This is why I Wrote this Post… To share with you My Fellow Comrades in Ink, and/or Followers, or Readers… Or Fellow Artists, the Serious Passionate Turmoil that I am experiencing in the Writing of this Second Novella. Or Novel… Or whatever it ends up being, Lol

None the less, I am Glad to be Writing, as I’ve had Quite a Hard time not Writing during this Greater Focus on Getting My Existing Work Self Published.

The “Allure” Series in particular has Really Been Calling to me, and I look forward to Continue with it come January, or February of 2013. But until then, who knows what kind of Writing will come out of me… I really do seem to like November I’ve noticed in regards to Writing… And the fact that we’re looking at a 3 to 4 days in a row worth of Rain here where I am, is definitely Prodding me on, and Prodding me Inward, if you know what I mean.

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading



2 Responses to “To Sequel, Or Not To Sequel”

  1. I don’t know how you keep all these projects straight in your head! But I think a sequel exploring more about Mady’s life is a great idea!

    • Well, I’m a full time Writer for one… Most people don’t have as much time as I have to focus on their Writing… Granted, I’m not making a living at it yet, but hopefully some day.

      Also, my interests Creatively are kind of spread out… So I enjoy working on several different Projects at once.

      Thanks for your opinion about Mady… I Wrote on the Sequel for three days straight… Now I’m going to see what my instincts say/do next.

      I like some of what I’ve written, but I’m still lacking anything really/very hard hitting in the story… But, maybe it’s not needed… I’ll see what comes up next in the back of my mind.

      Thanks for the encouragement, it’s good to hear that form someone whose read the original story.


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