Low And Behold It Is December…

decemberLow And Behold It Is December…

A Font with SerifsAs a Writer, what that means to me is, I Achieved My November Goal of Creating a Cover For My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”

And though I had intended to Hire an Artist to Draw a Concept that My Eldest Sister, and Editor had come up with…

My Kickstarter hasn’t gone quite as well as I had hoped, and instead My Photographer Friend Kirsty and I Created This Cover to the Right.

And in the end, I actually like this Concept (Which is a Photo that Kirsty specifically took to help me then Colorize it to appear to be the Enchanted Forest ‘Doth’, which is in part of the Story.)

I really Love how it came out.

December_Night_by_InkhiWhat this also means is that I basically have about two weeks to get My First Fantasy Novel Edited, and Self Published in order to hit My fairly loose December Goal.

That said, I’m not likely to achieve this… This holds true for two specific reasons… 1) I suspect I will not hit my Goal with My Current Kickstarter Project, and thus must find another way to Pay My Editor her Fee.

2) I’m not exactly sure that My Editor is going to have the time to get with me and Edit my Book within the next two weeks.

Which means I’m likely to end up Self Publishing it in January, which is also when I will begin/continue to Write the 2nd Book in the “Chess With Agatha” Series… Which is also ok with me, as I always knew it might not be until January, 2013 that I actually was able to Complete it… Especially since this is My Biggest Project yet.

Still, I shall spend the next two weeks Preparing My Book to be Edited, and who knows, maybe something will happen and I will actually be able to get with my Editor… All I ‘m saying, is I shall remain open to this Possibility, Lol

Beyond December 14, however, I suspect I shall to a degree chill on my Projects, and truly enjoy the Holidays, which are an Important time of the year for me.

Chritstmas TreeSo here’s to December and all that it Means to each of us, as for me, beyond what it means to me as a Writer, it means even more to me as a Human…

As Fall and Winter are My Favorite times of the Year, and I shall try to ‘Slow’ down Time as best I can, by taking in the Cool Air, the Rain, the Holidays and all else that comes with these Winter Months.

All The Best to You and Yours During This Holiday Season

Thanks For Reading/Listening


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