“Chess With Agatha” – Back Cover Synopsis (First Draft)

Chess with Agatha Final 3“Chess With Agatha” – Back Cover Synopsis (First Draft)

To the Left is the Prototype of the ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ Cover Document (It’s Uploaded as a Single PDF Document) that I will be Uploading to My Printer/Self Publishing Facilitator, CreateSpace, once I Complete the Back Cover Synopsis for the Book.

What you see on the back now, isn’t anything that I’ve Written, it’s just a bunch of letters to give an idea of what it will kind of look like.

Which leaves me with the ‘daunting’ task of Writing the Back Cover Synopsis…

Now when I say daunting, I’m saying that it’s daunting for me, not necessarily for everyone.

I’ve always found it quite difficult/challenging to shove a whole story’s meaning, to a degree, into a small amount of words… Such as a Synopsis.

And in the case of the Back Cover Synopsis, I will be using an even ‘smaller’ amount of words to do it.

The Idea to put a Synopsis as the Back Cover was actually my Photographer Friend Kirsty’s idea (She helped me Design the layout/fonts Etc. for My Novella “I Died Once”, and is helping me with my Current Book as well. She also took the Photo specifically for the Cover).

And I have to admit, I really like the idea… And the look. But more than that, Kirsty is an ‘avid’ reader, where I am not… And thus knows more about such things out there in the Printed Book World.

But enough of all that.

I thought I’d go ahead and share the First Draft that I Wrote for the Back, just to, once again, share the experience/process with you my Fellow Writers, Readers, Followers and/or Artists.

This is only the First Draft, and thus may look nothing like the Final Product, but none the less, I’ll throw it out there.

I’m not sure how many of you have actually read my “Chess With Agatha” Posts, but those of you that have may have feedback in regards to whether it captures enough of the essence of the book… Where as those of you that have not, might offer an opinion on whether or not it draws you in or not.

Like I say, this is only a ‘rough’ first draft (Basically its what flew out of my head the day I realized I would need to be doing it), and thus may not be nearly the quality that the end product ends up being.

That said, the Draft.

First Draft Back Cover Synopsis “Chess With Agatha”

Agatha is a 17 year old girl who just lost both of her adopted parents in a car crash…

Now a mysterious man, appointed as her guardian, is all that she has left to hold her to this world.

But the truth is… She’s not from this world.

“Chess With Agatha” is a young girl’s adventure into a world of Dragons, Knights and Magic…

Join her as she tries to lead a party of unlikely magical beings, against a Dark King, and his Evil Sorceress Queen.

All in the hope of rescuing her True Father.


Eh, it’s a start, Lol

Thanks for Reading/Listening

Any Feedback you have would be much appreciated



4 Responses to ““Chess With Agatha” – Back Cover Synopsis (First Draft)”

  1. Hey James,
    quickly passing by, wanted to see the look of your cover. Great work for a draft! And a Synopsis on the back is necessary, it’s perfect this way. A few words about the author and a picture is also a lot done these days (below the synopsis)
    I know you posted the new story with Mady, I need to focus on my book so I’m mostly off line, but I’ll read it soon, looking forward to it; I never replied the mail where you said you’d write a new story, but I love the idea!!!!
    Success with the final cover 🙂 xo

    • Thanks for the input about the Cover, and Back Cover/Synopsis Etc… Perhaps I will add something about myself, not sure about a picture, but maybe that too

      As far as the New Mady Story, it’ s already longer than the original Novella, Lol… Though I’ m finding it hard to Post the next part, because Mady’ s father has died, and I’ m finding it hard to kill him because 1) I’ m not sure I want to Publish more books about her, because I really Like the first Novella, and so my standards are high… And 2) it’ s just hard to kill him, Lol

      Ahh the life of a Writer, Lol

      But the fact that you think it is a good idea to continue to write about her is encouraging, so I thank you for that



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