The Hobbit Japanese Press Conference

The Hobbit Japanese Press Conference

I have to admit, when the “Lord Of The Rings” Movies came out, it was actually My Brother that Truly Loved them.

Don’t get me wrong, I Liked “The Fellowship Of The Ring”, and “The Two Towers” very much… The Third One I don’t remember caring for that much, though I know it was the one that won the Oscar… I Truly Felt the First Two Films were better.

I believe it was the ‘Pink Bubblegum Headed Orc’ that bugged me the most in that Film, Lol

Truth be known, when they came out was right in the middle of my Pursuit of Film Making, and I was very much trying to get my Brother Involved in My Experimental Film Projects, as he is a Brilliant Actor, and a Natural Born Cinematographer…

That said, where My Brother Connected more with ‘Peter Jackson’s’ style, I connected more with the ‘George Lucas’ Films…

It was December, 2001 when my wife of one year, and I, moved to Eugene Oregon, where my brother lived, so that we might start working on short films for film festival submission.

“The Fellowship Of The Ring” came out December, 2001 (right after we arrived), “Attack Of The Clones” came out in May, 2002, and “The Twin Towers” came out in December, 2002.

Now I sit here 10 years later, and “The Hobbit” Trilogy is about to begin, and I have to say, they look to be pretty Amazing… At least, the First one does… No clue about the next two.

When “The Game Of Thrones” came out, My Brother was the one to contact me and say “Dude, Game Of Thrones Could Have Been Written/Directed By You”…  I didn’t end up seeing the First Season of “Game Of Thrones” until several months later, but when I did, I knew what he meant.

“The Lord Of The Rings” Films are much more My Brother’s Style of Fantasy Films… Where “Game Of Thrones”, is more the way I would do it. Neither is better, we’re just different.

Enough of all this, I came across what’s called “Hobbit Japanese Conference” on YouTube Today, and Watched Part 4 of 5.

I thought I might as well go ahead and share all 5 Parts with you… As a Writer, and Film Maker, this kind of thing is Truly Interesting to me… The Questions are in Japanese, and there is some Japanese Translating happening in between interviews, but the Actors, and Director do talk quite a bit.

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part I)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part II)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part III)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part IV)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part V)


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