Elements Of Love

835914-bigthumbnailElements Of Love

I’d be Lying if I said the way you Look at me didn’t change My World…

That your Touch doesn’t soften My Heart

Spending Time alone with you is Sacred

And when your Dark Hair Falls over me…

My Skin Reacts

Your Lips pressed softly against my Cheek..

My Hands Upon you

Time Stands Still…

We Can’t ever go back

Falling to my Knees…

Tears fall down My Face

You Stroke my hair

You’re What I Need…

Your Love for me Emulates

My heart…

It Regulates

This Dance Will Last Long

I Bid you Stay…

Your Voice

Our Song…



2 Responses to “Elements Of Love”

  1. Very passionate. Lots of intense yearning. I like.

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