Believe (Part III) – The Deal

tree 2Believe

by DarkJade

Part One – Reality

Part Two – Jack Frost

Part Three – The Deal

Little Jonathon Prior couldn’t believe his eyes…

Before him stood none other than Jack Frost himself.

“Well Boy… Have You Nothing To Say” Jack Frost stated, more than asked.

“Uhh…” was all that young Jonathon Prior could muster.

With this Jack’s yellow eyes glowed all the more, as he tapped his long frozen stick against the ground.

Jonathan looked at his white hair, and blue skin, and still couldn’t believe it to be possible.

“Are you really Jack Frost?” asked Jonathon, some how gathering the courage to do so.

“Yes Of Course I Am… And I Haven’t Much Time… Just What Are You Willing To Give Up To Get This Storm You’ve Wished For?” questioned Jack Frost impatiently.

“Uhh… Storm?” replied Jonathon drawing a blank as to what he could be speaking of.

“Yes… Yes… You Just Wished For A Storm That Would Keep Your Fare Esmeralda From Leaving… You Know… Keeping Her From Moving Away” he spoke to Jonathon’s disbelief.

“Oh… Yes But…” Jonathon started to say, but Jack interrupted.

“Four Months Is As Long A Storm That I Can Offer… But You Do Realize That Such A Storm Will Keep Santa From Coming This Year” spoke Jack as he turned, and walked slightly away from where Jonathon was sitting.

“Uhh… Santa?” replied Jonothan.

“Yes… Yes… Santa… Do We Have A Deal, Or Not?” insisted Jack.

“I don’t believe in Santa” replied Jonathon flatly.

This really seemed to make Jack happy “Ohh, Good… Then We have A Deal?” he spoke, as he took off his long white fur winter’s glove, and stuck out his blue frozen hand.

Jonathon hesitated at first… And then reached out and shook Jack Frost’s hand…

The Sheer cold of his frozen hand almost causing frost bite to Jonathon’s hand.

“Very Good” spoke Jack as he pulled back on his winter glove.

“Now You Best Get Inside… This Is Going To Be A Nasty One” spoke Jack as he held his hands, and staff to the sky and started to motion around in the air.

With this dark clouds started to fill the sky, and the temperature quickly dropped some 20 degrees.

“Get Inside Boy!” snapped Jack, and Jonathon did just that.

He ran into the house, and bolted the door behind him.

Seeing the fire was dying in the house, Jonathon quickly threw several more pieces of wood into the fire… Then ran upstairs and stared down at Jack Frost below, as he conjured up a storm like Jonathon had never seen before.


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