Mady’s Storm (Chapter I) – America

Styling-tips-for-curly-hair 2Mady’s Storm

A Novella

by DarkJade

Chapter One – America

My head spins, round, and round and round…

How many times did you say there was something that you needed to talk to me about…

How many times did I tell you that I didn’t want to know.

And now here you lay in this casket before me, your spirit somewhere else… Leaving earth, and me far behind.

And I am here alone.

You always told me “Just feed me to the lions when I’m gone…”

Chances were, you were actually serious.

But that is not what I shall do… No.

Part of your ashes shall fall from your plane above the African Landscape that you loved…

Part of you will be left here, within your Plantation Home.

Part of you will be with me… For as long as I can take it… Or until I come across somewhere beautiful enough for you.

But none of you will be fed to the Lions…

Not on my watch.

For in truth, you were a Lion.

A Lion of men.

And I shall never know the likes of you again.

Sam William Monroe.

                                    THE CHRONICLES OF MADY MONROE


The slim, yet curved where it matters, body of Mady Monroe sits back in her seat on a plane heading for New York City, in America.

She is 23 now, and her dark flowing hair, and deep blue eyes have not changed as she gazes in a half trance like state out the airplane window at the Atlantic Ocean below.

Her breathing, that of one who seems as though she is waiting…

Waiting to awake…

Waiting for the plane to fall from the sky…

Waiting for her father’s voice to return.

But it shall not.

Instead… Silence.

Memories of the last eight plus years of her life cross before her mind like memory lights of a train that now seems to be going much too fast.

My father died on a Tuesday in December.

He was so strong.

I’d thought he’d even outlast me…

But instead, he is gone.

He left me all of his fortune, and I left enough money in the plantation account to keep it running as it is for another year.

After that… I’m not sure what I’ll do.

Probably sell it like I did my Mother’s Estate.

For Africa without my father… Is not my home.

As for my father’s share of the diamond mine…

Well… I’ll likely sell that too.

But not now… Not anything now.

It was time I returned to America and retrieved my own money from my passed mother’s estate.

Yes, now is the time to cross back over from this land, and life of light…

Back into the greyness of which I came when I was just 15 years of age.

The train ride to the airport was long…

But I didn’t mind.

I simply cast my eyes upon the land, and world I’d come to love.

The land in which my father and I had flown over a great deal of in his plane.

Flying… I will miss flying with him.

Yes, the train ride was long, but the plane ride to America was even longer…

And though the surrounding clouds reached out and pulled upon my sleeves…

As if to beckon me to stay…

I could not.

No… I would not.

Mady looks over at the African man sitting next to her.

His name was Rabia…

It means ‘Spring’.

He is my protector…

My father’s man servant, and long time friend…

And he will be looked upon as something foreign…

Something… Unwanted within America.

No… I shall not keep him with me long…

Only for a short while…

While I acquire, and slowly learn to trust another to watch my back.

My father always said…

“Always surround yourself with at least ‘one’ person that’s watching your back”… And that’s exactly what I shall do… And for now… That’s Rabia.



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Chapter Eight – Nightmares


3 Responses to “Mady’s Storm (Chapter I) – America”

  1. Thank you for sharing the amazing story. You got my attention and I wanted to read more. Strong characters and storyline.

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