Christmas In Bro Town

100MEDIA95IMAG1440Christmas In Bro Town

Another Christmas is Coming, and it’s Another Christmas that I’m not with my Bro.

Granted, we’re not kids anymore, and he’s Created a whole New Life of his own North of me…

Wife and Kids Included.

But still, I miss em.

100MEDIA95IMAG4268Fortunately, due to Texting, I do receive the fairly frequent Text Photos, such as this Wintry Coffee here to the Right.

It’s actually his Oldest Sons 15th Birthday today, which is basically insane…

My 15th year was pretty much my toughest year as a kid… Kids were Cruel.

In fact, I actually Moved to My Dad’s in Arizona for that one year… It was a cool way to connect with My Dad, who I didn’t grow up with… But 9 months later after the school year, I moved back… I missed my Bro, My Mom and My Mom’s Boyfriend, who are My Closest Friends in this life of mine.

These days I’m also Close to My Eldest Sister, who wasn’t around much when I was a kid, but moved back to California from Northern Arizona maybe 10 or so years ago…

She’s itchen to move back to Northern Arizona, but that won’t probably happen until next year or so.

100MEDIA95IMAG4435She’s the one that Edited My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, and My Novella, “I Died Once“.

But she said even if she moves, she’ll still Edit My Work, we’ll just work together ala Skype.

Here’s muh Bro’s Christmas Tree up above.

100MEDIA95IMAG4567Here it is lit on the right…

We’re actually getting our Tree Tomorrow, so… Stoked about that… Love the Smell of it going through the house.

It’s actually been quite cold here lately (Cold For Southern California that is, Lol)

Frost on the rooftops outside this morning…

So, easy to start to get in the Holiday Spirit.

Camera95C360952012-11-04-16-11-1695orgHere’s a Photo of My Dad, My Bro, and My Eldest Nephew (Whose My Second Sister’s Son)… Both of My Sisters are Older than me, and My Bro is 15 Months Younger. But we’re Closer than Twins.

My Nephew and Bro Live up North, but My Dad was up there Visiting them.

100MEDIA95IMAG4508Here’s a Photo of My Eldest Nephew (Sister’s Son), with My Bro and My Youngest Nephew (He’s My Bro’s Younger Son), after just seeing My Nephew Play the Nutcracker (He’s a Professional Ballet Dancer).

They Look a bit less Grumpy in this Pic, Lol

All’s Well in Bro Town it seems… And I’m glad, because he had a tough year… In fact He and his Boys were hopen to come down for Christmas This Year (They were here in August), but as it turns out, that won’t be happening…

Oh well, maybe Next Year.

On Christmas Day of 2010, Me, and My Girlfriend at the time, actually went up there and saw TRON with My Bro and his Boys on Christmas Day, which was pretty damn Cool.

The year before that, I was down here, and My Girlfriend back then, and I saw Avatar on Christmas Day… Because My Family Celebrates Christmas Eve these days, Christmas Days sometimes end up being spent in Movie Theaters, Lol

Which is Pretty Damn Cool actually, Lol

Didn’t get to last year, but 2010, and 2009 were pretty Cool

Well enough of all this, Have A Good Weekend



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