Believe (Part IV) – The Never Ending Winter


by DarkJade

Part One – Reality

Part Two – Jack Frost

Part Three – The Deal

Part Four – The Never Ending Winter

It was just as Jack Frost had said… The whole town was completely sealed in by the snow…

Rooftops were frozen… Schools were closed, which was basically an added benefit…

And Little Esmeralda’s family across the street, did indeed have to postpone their moving day out of Washington, to Arizona.

And so Jonathon not only got to spend more time with her before she moved away, but even more so due to the schools closing.

In fact, the only problem that seem to arise from such a strong winter storm, was that of keeping up with the firewood that was needed to heat their small home.

That, and the fact that his mother had been ill… And the cold from the weather did seem to want to creep into her bedroom, and make her sicker… But he did his best to keep the firewood going, as not to let the storm contribute to her questionable health.

This went on for weeks, and as Christmas neared, little Esmeralda would speak of Santa, and what he would bring her this year.

So much so, that Jonathon couldn’t help but be reminded how Jack Frost had said the storm would keep Santa from coming this year.

“Santa doesn’t exist John” he’d say to himself.

Until one day when he couldn’t help but blab out “But Santa doesn’t exist”.

This left Esmeralda just staring blankly at him as they built their snowman.

“I mean… You know that… Right?” continued Jonathon.

“Of course I do” Esmeralda replied hesitantly… Obviously trying to keep her eyes from tearing up.

“I really must go home Jonathon…” she suddenly said, as she turned and started to run towards her home.

“BUT ESMERALDA! YOUR MOM HASN’T CALLED YOU HOME YET?!” he called after her, but she did not reply, and quickly ran inside the house.

This struck Jonathon strangely, as they always played very late… But he simply shrugged, finished up the snowman, and made his way inside to throw some more wood on the fire, and start some soup for he and his mom.

A little bit later, Esmeralda’s mom came to their door with a…


“I’ll get it mom” Jonathon called to his mom.

“Alright dear” she replied from her bed, where she spent all her time.

Jonathon opened the door, only to see Esmeralda’s mom.

“Hello Mrs. Nelson” spoke Jonathon.

“Hello Jonathon… Do you have a moment for me to talk to you?” she asked.

Jonathon nodded, and stepped outside.

“I just wanted to let you know, Esmeralda is a bit upset right now… I guess you told her that there is no Santa?” her mother asked.

“Well… Yeah… Sorry” he replied.

“Oh, no, that’s ok… There are hardly any children left that do believe in him” she explained.

There was a sort of awkward silence, and then…

“Ok well… We’d like her to believe for a bit longer, if that’s alright… You don’t need to believe… But she does” she explained with a half smile.

“Ok Mrs. Nelson” Jonathon responded, perplexed a bit.

“Thank you Jonathon” she said, turned, and left.

Jonathon wasn’t exactly sure what to make of the visit, and so went back to making soup.

He then brought it into his mother.

“Here yah go mom” he said as he sat the tomato soup, and crackers, which were on a tray, over on his mom’s side table.

“Who was at the door Jonathon?” his mother asked.

He went on to explain the situation to his mom, and she replied…

“Oh… I see… So you don’t believe in Santa Clause anymore?” she asked him, with a bit of sadness on her face.

“Well… No… I mean, the kids at school” he started to explain.

“Don’t listen to the kids at school Jonathon… You believe, what you want to believe” she said.

COUGH COUGH his mom then started to cough.

“Ok mom” he replied.

That night Jonathon stared at the ceiling, which had stickers of stars and planets on it, which glowed in the dark when he’d shut off his lights.

Thinking on it, he had stopped believing in Santa a couple years ago, and then the following two Christmases did have much less presents under the tree.

He’d always figured his mom was too broke to be buying presents… But they had been broke for more than just two years.

And so he fell asleep…

But the Dreams he had were something so magical… Dreams of Reindeer, and Santa’s Elves, and The North Pole…

And when he woke up, the whole room appeared to be glowing red… With this he rubbed his eyes, and when he looked again, it had faded back to darkness.

All he could remember was one word that Santa told him before the Dream ended.


Jonathon sat there for many long minutes, not being able to get one thought out of his head…

“What if Santa ‘does’ in fact exist… I have to contact Jack Frost, and tell him to stop this storm!” he thought.

And just then the whole room went cold… And standing just inside Jonathon’s window was Jack Frost once more.

“So… You’re going to go back on our deal, eh” he spoke coldly.



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