Mady’s Storm (Chapter VIII) – Nightmares

MadyMady’s Storm

A Novella

by DarkJade


Chapter One – America

Chapter Two – New York

Chapter Three – Virginia

Chapter Four – Flashback

Chapter Five – Rex Taylor

Chapter Six – Sex

Chapter Seven – A Time For Giving

Chapter Eight – Nightmares

I wake up sweating…

Meanwhile outside a snow storm has brewed.

I can see the streaks of snow falling, and my window is covered in frost.

I sit up, holding the blanket close to my chest.

The nightmares still seem to haunt me sometimes.

Some stones left unturned?

Oh, I hope not.

As I stood with a cup of tea looking out over the snow covered city below…

The Christmas lights had really begun to sprout up all over the city.

Funny how much warmer people seemed to get towards one another the closer Christmas was.

I think I’m going to like celebrating holidays…

At least maybe one day a year will remind me, and return me to those nights in front of the fireplace with my father.

A Fireplace.

It was that night that I decided I needed to get out of this apartment, and find myself a home.

During the next couple days, I looked for a home outside of New York City.

Whether I end up staying in New York, or not, chances are I will at least have a home here.

So I started looking for a home with a nice big fireplace…

Several bedrooms…

And two to three stories high…

I liked stairs…

It was perhaps the only thing that I missed about my mother’s estate…

The stairs.


At last I found somewhere…

It was a three story, 6 bedroom home.

And I was able to move in right away.

It has a beautiful kitchen…

Maybe I would learn to cook…

Before I knew it, I had hired a cook, a maid, a driver…

And that’s when I sent a note to Rabia and his family in Africa…

Inviting them to come stay with me for a while…

To my pleasant surprise, they were thrilled to come…

And before I knew it, I had a house full of people…

And a huge Christmas tree in the high ceiling living room…

Perhaps I was building my own family right here in America.


Before I knew it, the Sam and Scarlett Charity Ball had arrived.

I showed up at the Ball in my white and black ball gown, high heals, simple diamond earrings, and a pearl necklace.

My long, dark hair up, and a deep red lipstick.

I felt… Elegant.

The wolves were definitely out that night… But I didn’t let it bother me…

No… Instead I sipped away on my bright red punch, as I listened to many, many wealthy business people talk about money.

Apparently it makes the world go round.

But I also got an opportunity to meet many of the children’s parents, as the Children’s Hospital Director had said I would.

They were appreciative…. And I was fairly speechless… Humbled by their warmth… The first warmth I had really felt by anyone in New York.


The benefit was a huge success…

Some 350 of New York’s wealthy, and famous showed, and many of them gave healthy contributions.

I was thrilled… And felt… Proud.

I think my father would be proud if he could see me… Who knows… Maybe he can.

But for every contributor, there was also those that would not contribute when they found out the event was in honor of a woman.

This era has much to learn about simply being human.

But I knew better.

The dark haired, blue eyed minx from Virginia had done good…

But some wouldn’t leave it at that.

Some ‘couldn’t’ leave it at that.

“Hello again Mrs. Monroe” 

It was that New York reporter that had followed me to Virginia, came back, and wrote that terrible article in the paper about me.

Randy McCormick.

“Hello Mr. McCormick“ I spoke politely.

He shook my hand with a maniacal smile.

“I thought you already got your story,” I said to him.

“Oh… There’s always new stories to be had, when there are interesting people around like yourself,” he said baring those teeth of his again.

“I see… Well… Another time perhaps,” I spoke as I exited the moment.

Surely I wasn’t going to let one little news weasel mess with this night.

Not on your life.



7 Responses to “Mady’s Storm (Chapter VIII) – Nightmares”

  1. Nice twist with the house & the family from Africa 🙂
    My cousin arrived yesterday from Senegal, her husband finally got a visa so he’s here too, my mom met him this morning and she said as soon as he saw the sun showing up, he ran outside hoping it’d get warm LOL but of course it wasn’t, he’s freezing she says 😉

    • I’m glad you’re liking it… I’ve written much more, but got this cold, so stopped posting it for a moment… As some of it isn’t fleshed out, which I do when I’m posting it

      Funny about your cousin’s husband

      It’s been cold here for weeks… For southern California that is

      30’s at night


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