Believe (PartV) – The Conclusion

Santa-Claus-and-Flying-ReindeerBelieve (Part V) – The Conclusion

by DarkJade

Part One – Reality

Part Two – Jack Frost

Part Three – The Deal

Part Four – The Never Ending Winter

Jonathon spoke as Jack Frost stood their listening.

“You must stop this winter storm” he spoke.

Jack paced around the room, leaving cold blue footprints upon Jonathon’s floor.

“Must I?” he replied.

“Why… Yes” continued Jonathon.

Jack stood still leaning on his icy blue staff.

“And why, might I ask, “Must I”” he spoke more than asked.

“Because I didn’t know” replied Jonathon.

Suddenly concern came across Jack’s brow.

“Didn’t… Know… What?” he replied.

“That he really exists” spoke Jonathon.

With this Jack flinched, and slowly started towards the window, covering his ears, and saying “La La La” so that he could no longer hear Jonathon speak.

Noting Jack’s obvious discomfort, Jonathon jumped out of bed with both hands on his waist.

“I BELIEVE!” he yelled, so that Jack was certain to hear him, even with his ears covered.

Jack froze, turned back towards Jonathon, and uncovered his ears.

“Great” replied Jack, as the stormy sky behind him started to suddenly clear…

Leaving a orange, red deep morning sky in the distance.

“Goodbye Jonathon Prior… Someday, you may have need of me once more… But not today” Jack spoke, and leaped out Jonathon’s window, turning into a hand full of show as he did… And bursting away from Jonathon’s small town.

With this Jonathon ran downstairs to his mother’s bedroom, where she sat awake knitting.

“Mother… Are you feeling better?” he spoke as he sat on the bed beside her.

“Santa’s on the rise again” she spoke never looking away from her knitting.

“Indeed mother… Indeed… But” spoke Jonathon.

His mother looked over at him “Your friend Esmeralda will be leaving” she spoke.

“Yes” Jonathon replied sadly.

“Than you shall have to write her in Arizona” replied his mother.

This seemed to perk Jonathon a bit “Yes… I shall write her.”

And so Christmas came…

And shortly after Esmeralda and her family did indeed move away.

But as Jonathon played alone on his porch, he smiled warmly within, knowing that ‘Santa’ did exist…

Or at least, he ‘Believed’ he did.

“JONATHON! COME IN FOR SUPPER SON!” called his mother, whose health had returned.

“YES MOTHER” Jonathon replied, and ran inside.





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