Fantasy Writing – Building A World

amazing-fantasy-book-1920x1200Fantasy Writing – Building A World

Not that I’m necessarily an ‘Expert’ on Building Fantasy Worlds… But who knows, maybe I’ll be good at it.

As I approach January 1st, the Starting Date of Beginning to Write My Second of the “Plane Of Ordose” Trilogy Fantasy Novels, “Iliad” (The Sequel to “Chess With Agatha”, which I’m hoping to Self Publish in Jan-Feb), I find right from the start I have a Lot of Work ahead of me.

Now those of you that have been following my site know that I actually started “Iliad” back in July, 2012, right after the completion of the First Draft of “Chess With Agatha”. But then put it on hold for this coming January (A year from when I started the first book), and so have been Re-Posting what I wrote in July to catch my Readers up, for when I begin again come Jan 1st.

But enough of all that.

The Land; In “Chess With Agatha“, the majority of the book took place in what I’ve called “The Plane Of Ordose”… Though for this first book, I really only needed to Create a hand full of pieces of the land for the sake of the Story… As opposed to Creating a ‘Whole’ Land, and or World.

fantasyIn fact I still need someone to Draw The Portions of the Map that I did use in the Story, for the Sake of Creating a Map for My Readers in that Book.

But in “Iliad” I Fear/Suspect that I will need much more of the Land to be Revealed, and/or Explained, or at least ‘Accessible’, meaning more of it may be used than in the first book.

This, I suspect, will be a Challenge.

dragonMy Experience In Building Lands; I’d have to say that any ‘Land’, or ‘World’ Building Experience that I might have, would be from when I used to be a Dungeon Master whilst playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Now granted, it’s been many years since I Ran a Dungeons & Dragons Game, but like I say, this, if any, is the only experience I have with Building Something like a Land, or World.

Draw A Map; Often the first thing I’d do when Creating a Continent, was Draw Out a Map… I’m not much of an Artist, but it was Functional Enough.

This will likely be what I need to do for “Iliad” as well.

20111209_GDN_OF_ORCS_AND_MEN_TEASER1_1080p_flv.vs-1Fill It With Inhabitants; The next thing I’d do, is fill the different areas (Be it Forest, Mountains, Hilly Areas) with Inhabitants.

Now Dungeons & Dragons had Charts that you could use for this, though I usually put Creatures where I wanted them… To a Degree. Though, often Forests might have Elves, and/or Wolves, and Mountains would often have Orcs, and/or Giants.

Then amongst these Inhabitants, I’d perhaps Create Leaders for several of the areas (Generally the Areas Where the Players Might Explore).

This, to a degree, will be something I do for My Book as well.

Creating/Determining Main Characters; Though before I get to deep into Inhabiting the Map/World/Land, I will want to determine what some of the Main Characters in the Story are going to be.

In “Chess With Agatha” the Main Characters Were/Are as Listed Below;

Agatha – Daughter of King Elias (The Father thing is a bit more complicated than this, but I don’t want to give it away for those that haven’t Read “Chess With Agatha” yet)

Agamemnon;  Agatha’s Earth Plane Guardian (Also more complicated than this)

The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd ; King Elias’s Court Wizard

King Elias; A Ruler in the Land of Ordose, as well as Agatha’s Father

Iliad; King Elias’s Court Jester

Morr; One of King Elias’s Primary Protectors

Jarod; Also one of King Elias’s Primary Protectors

King Eterr; The Dark and Maniacal Villain in the Piece

Queen Sorceress Olamna; The Villainess in the Piece

These are basically the ‘Main’ Characters in the Piece, though there are other Secondary Characters of course.

For Iliad So Far I have These;

Agatha – A year-ish older

Angly – You should Read the First Book to get a better idea who he is

Agamemnon – Same as in the First Book

King Elias – Same as in the First Book

The Villains – I shall not Disclose the Villains (Partially a Work in Progress)

That’s all I shall divulge at this point (Also partially a Work in Progress)

Once I Draw the Map, Develop the Main Characters, and Inhabit the Lands…

There also comes a less familiar area for me, which is ‘More Detailed’ Cultural Things… Such as Religions Etc.

I’m not exactly sure how much I will go into such things, but I do know that there will be more known about The “Plane Of Ordose” by the end of this 2nd Book, than there was by the end of the 1st Book.


Well, that’s all for now, like I say, I have a lot of work ahead of me… But I am very much looking forward to the process, and hopefully after this particular book, World/Land Building might come a bit Easier to me in Future Books… Time shall tell.

Thanks for Reading/Listening


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4 Responses to “Fantasy Writing – Building A World”

  1. yeah you don’t need to be an just need to have a rich imagination

  2. Dungeons and Dragons was my only experience with world building, as well. However, I am happy with the land which I created. I think that is all that really matters.

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