Happy New Year From The Written Word

13065389-happy-new-year-2013Happy New Year From The Written Word

Unfortunately I have a cold, so I shall keep it brief, Lol

I Just Wanted to Wish you all a Happy New Year, and Thank you for your Continued Interest, and Support of My Writing

And Now I Leave you with a Full Concert from My Favorite Singer, Freddy Mercury, in what is the Best Concert Footage I’ve seen with him, and Queen

Happy New Year!!



Queen – Live At Wimbley 1986

6 Responses to “Happy New Year From The Written Word”

  1. Happy New Year to the Crew and all the readers!

  2. Hope your year started off with a bang. And that you are feeling better.

    • Thank you Silent

      I Hope yours started out well as well

      I am indeed feeling better, and so able to Write again… Kinda had to not for a few days, other than a few Posts

      Thanks again

      Happy New Year


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