Iliad (Chapter II) – Matters Of The State

*I had hoped to Re-Post This Chapter prior to the end of the year, so that I could start Posting ‘New’ Chapters of “Iliad” come the New Year… But low and behold, I got a Cold, Lol

And thus, everything is pushed forward a bit…

I shall now Re-Post the last of the 2012 “Iliad” Postings today, and hopefully soon will begin Writing The New Chapters


Blue WizardIliad

Book II in The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

by DarkJade


Chapter I – Home

Chapter II – Matters Of The State



The Glorious White Stone Sthorn Light Castle stands in all its glory… As the people of Sthorn make their way through their days, within its safely guarded walls.


Meanwhile within the High Council Chamber, the Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, the Kingdom’s High Wizard, with his long grey beard, and accustomed blue robes… Prince Morr, Captain of the Sthorn Light Castle’s Guard, with his wavy brown hair, and ornate silver armor… And King Elias all sit at the long table, along with many of the key Merchants of the City.

King Elias with his golden blond mane of hair, and strong countenance, seems a bit distracted as he casts his gaze out one of the chambers high windows, and the light blue skies beyond.

“Uhhemm” Hemmingbyrd clears his throat in order to get the king’s attention, which it does.

“Sorry about that Hemmingbyrd… Continue” speaks the king as his attention again returns to the meeting.

“I believe that my presence is imperative to the success of the Cyclops, and Frost Giants meetings to the north east…” Hemmingbyrd explains to the members of the High Council.

“Whether that is true or not, the fact that they want you to come alone, without even a single Sthorn Light Guard to accompany you, is most strange…” expresses Prince Morr.

“Most strange indeed” interjects one of the merchants.

“Gentlemen… Gentlemen… You forget… I am the “Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd”, I can surely take care of myself should the need arise” replies Hemmingbyrd tossling his arms around.

“What do you think Elias?” Prince Morr questions King Elias, but the king’s gaze has now fastened onto a painting of him, and Agatha as an eight year old girl… Her black hair flowing. Also in the painting is the Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd.

“My king?” speaks Hemmingbyrd.

King Elias’s attention returns once more as he stands “Prince Morr, your judgement on this will act as mine… Now if you will all excuse me” the king steps away from the table, and leaves… Two King’s Elite Guards accompany him, and the guards at the door come to full attention as he passes.

“Very well then… That said… I say you renegotiate the terms of the meeting, and take four of the Sthorn Light’s Guards with you…” speaks Prince Morr.

“Humff… Aldion” speaks Hemmingbyrd, as he stands, and walks away after mumbling one of his mysterious made up words.

“I miss Iliad…” speaks Prince Morr to the Council that remains… “At least he could tell us what his strange, silly words mean.



The castle gates open, and the Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd rides out on his dark brown horse, followed closely by four Sthorn Light Guards also riding horses.


At a campfire four hours north east of Sthorn Castle, all four of the Sthorn Guards are passed out asleep, holding some sort of cake in their hands… A cake that Hemmingbyrd has put a sleeping element into.

Hemmingbyrd laughs to himself, as he rides off by himself…

Bound towards the Crags of Wardonby, the home of the Cyclops King, Eld Rok.


PICTURE CREDIT – Bluebell Railway

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Chapter IV – The Meeting

Chapter V – Swordplay

Chapter VI – Ambush

Chapter VII – Iliad

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire

Chapter IX – Westbound

Chapter X – Following A King


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