Iliad (Chapter IV) – The Meeting


A Novel

by DarkJade

Book II In The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy


Chapter I – Home

Chapter II – Matters Of The State

Chapter III – Elias

Chapter IV – The Meeting




Within the Crags of Wardonby, far in the north east mountains of Ordose, the Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, who is me, arrives riding upon his trusty brown steed, Sindin by name, at the home of the King of the Cyclops, Dhon Horg.

Though the Cyclops of Ordose are renowned for their ferocity, and heartless manner, they have called together this meeting in hopes to extend the borders of their homeland, which were set down some 200 or so years ago, in the ‘Treaties Of Du Mon Reale’.

Of which I also attended…

I only hope that things go a bit less bloody than they did then.

The Crags of Wardonby are a great deal of rock shards, piled atop a high north eastern mountain, the nest, and nucleoli of the Cyclops people.

As I arrive, the first to greet me are two of Dhon Horg’s large, 12 foot tall to be precise, ‘thugs’ as I like to call them.

Basically they’re fairly brainless cyclops hunters.

“Arden… Oye Fur… Blennon” I speak in my best cyclops dialect.

RARRRRRRR!! is their basic response.

Not the friendliest of humanoids.

And they don’t smell all that grand either.

They do, however, lead me directly to the great meeting hall of Du Mon Reale, their leader some 100 or so years ago, prior to his death, and Dhon Horg’s succession.

He lead them well I dare say… For a cyclops that is.

For some 300 or so years, longer than any cyclops before him.

Most cyclops live between 120, and 200 years.

As Hemmingbyrd enters the chamber, he is immediately swept up by the memories of the Treaty meetings, so long ago.

As I approach my chair, which sits looking over the meeting floor below, at the left of me, some 40 or so feet away, are three of the Lamelon Warriors…

An Elite Breed of man indeed… Truly glorious warriors.

Sadly they are generally renowned to have the diplomatic skills of goat.

Hemmingbyrd gives a courteous wave over towards the three men, who nod in reply, and are quickly joined by a forth, taller, and broader shouldered warrior, with dark brown hair, a sharp brown beard, and eyes that look almost black.

All of them are wearing their custom gold, and leather armor.

The fourth, however, also bears a maroon cape, unlike the others whose cape is a kind of brown.

This fourth warrior, who appears to be the leader of the group, gives a bit of a wave, and slight smile towards Hemmingbyrd.

That must be their new leader, ‘Lhodan Skye’… I’ve heard good things about him.

As I then cast my gaze to my right, also some 40 or so feet away, there are three Northern Elves, in their white, and silver attire…

Now this does surprise me…

Hemmingbyrd gives them a friendly wave and a smile as well, and they reply with civil enough nods, and bows.

Hemmingbyrd sits in his large, overly comfortable leather and wood chair as he continues to take in the inhabitants of the room.

We were never able to get the Northern Elves to come to the Treaty talks…

They insisted that there would be a bloodbath should they occur, and they were in partial sense, correct.

Though 12 dead, and a treaty made, is hardly a bloodbath.

In the furthest right corner of the chamber, overlooking the throne on the floor down below, is the Ice Giant King Ra Su Beon, and two of his hapless guards.

Now the ice giants are closer to 22 foot tall.

And King Ra Su Beon, he must reach 26 feet, no less.

Not too bad of a turn out really, for an initial meeting.

Hemmingbyrd looks over to the left side of the throne, up, and above, directly across from the ice giants, only to see a large empty stone chair.

No surprise the Giants of Fire did not come.

Suddenly, from behind, I’m approached by the meeting mediator, a ‘Sir Album’ from Ode Laa Kale. A western merchant region, where he is a well known knight.

“Hemmingbyrd! So glad you could come” he speaks, as Hemmingbyrd rises once more out of his seat, and the two arm embrace.

“It’s not all that often that the King of the Cyclops throws together a meeting” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“True enough” replies Sir Album.

“In fact… I do believe it is their first initiated meeting… Ever” continues Hemmingbyrd, scratching his chin.

“Ando Boyan” adds Hemmingbyrd.

“Come now Hemmingbyrd, you know I don’t understand your mysterious words” replies Sir Album on hearing Hemmingbyrd’s phrase “Ando Boyan”.

Hemmingbyrd waves his hand “It’s nothing… Now tell me old friend, why is it your council requested  that I come alone to this meeting? It seems the others have all brought some form of company” explains Hemmingbyrd.

Sir Album looks a bit perplexed “We never made such a request?” he replies.

Somehow, Hemmingbyrd does not seem surprised “I see…” he replies.

“LET US BEGIN!!” suddenly bellows the Cyclops King in his best neutral dialect tongue, as he enters the floor chamber below, and sits at his throne.

Dhon Horg is not nearly as repulsive looking as the normal cyclops can be perceived, and is perhaps 14 feet tall.

With this Hemmingbyrd gives Sir Album a nod, and takes his seat.

Sir Album then makes his way down some stairs to the the floor.

“Yes My Lord” he bows to the King, and the meeting begins.

Meanwhile Hemmingbyrd whips out his little yellow floating orb, and starts to mumble some words to himself.

“As I suspected, the council letter was forged… What tricks has the darkness set for me…. Time will tell… But until it does, look sharp old man… Look sharp” and with this he whips the yellow orb out of the air, and starts to focus on the meeting at hand.


PICTURE CREDIT – Image Of Gladius

Chapter V – Swordplay

Chapter VI – Ambush

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