Iliad (Chapter V) – Swordplay

tumblr_m5qh3y1t1p1rvk3eqo1_1280 2Iliad

A Novel

by DarkJade

Book II In The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy


Chapter I – Home

Chapter II – Matters Of The State

Chapter III – Elias

Chapter IV – The Meeting

Chapter V – Swordplay



Agatha and Brimlo are standing atop an abandoned building in an Industrial Park.

Agatha’s shoulder length, golden white hair is tied into a braid, and each of them is holding a sword, Brimlo’s is two handed, and Agatha’s is shorter, and one handed.

Meanwhile Angly is sitting nearby, his face buried in one of his ‘mysterious’ books.

“Are you ready” bellows Brimlo, as he readies himself to attack Agatha, who is standing some 30 feet away.

“Uh… I believe so… But remember, I am not that fierce, dark haired warrior that I would be on Ordose” she says with a fairly desperate tone in her voice.

With this Brimlo smerks a bit, his blue eyes glimmering from underneath his long red hair.

“Sure you are…” he says, and then comes at her.

Agatha positions herself as he has taught her, but still seeing the large bearded form of Brimlo running at her, is quite unnerving.

“AHHHH!! DEFEND YOURSELF!!” he yells as he barrels down upon her.

Just as he is about to strike her fairly trembling sword…

“Eas Eten” speaks Angly, and suddenly a red swirling tentacle of fire reaches out, grabs Brimlo by his boots, and hangs him upside down before Agatha… Whose eyes are closed.

“AHH! WHAT WHICHERY IS THIS!” Brimlo yells, causing Agatha to open her eyes to see him hanging upside down before her, held by that same fiery tentacle.

“Great Scott!” says Agatha, which finally causes Angly to raise his eyes from his book.

“Oh… My…” he says, his eyes bulging out of his head.

“ILIAD! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” suddenly comes the strong voice of Agamemnon, who appears in his long black coat wearing, cherry wood cane bearing, serious visaged form, speaking directly at Angly.

“Oopps” Angly replies, and suddenly the fiery tentacle dissipates, and Brimlo falls to the ground.

CLANK! his sword striking the ground first.

THUMP! followed closely by his large form.

“I knew those books you read had to do with magic” speaks Agatha.



Angly is sitting at the dining room table, his head down, as Agamemnon paces loudly back and forth in front of the table not knowing exactly what to say.

Meanwhile Agatha is bringing all of them drinks, and Brimlo is in the living room, putting away his, and Agatha’s swords in a large black trunk.

“I don’t know where to begin Angly…” speaks Agamemnon in a huff.

“I thought magic couldn’t work, or didn’t exist on this plane? And when did you start being able to cast spells Angly?” speaks Agatha as she sits the four drinks down, and sits directly across from Angly.

“Thank you” Brimlo speaks as he reaches over her shoulder, takes his drink, and makes his way into the kitchen where he starts to make them burgers for dinner.

“Uhh” Angly starts to reply, as he looks up at Agatha, but not before Agamemnon interrupts first.

“It’s not supposed to… I mean… It never does… I mean” he spats, as he appears to be a tad bit baffled.

“There’s a lot of things that should, and should not happen between the planes my lady… Like why am I still a werewolf on this plane, when on Ordose the only reason that I was, was because I was under a curse… Should not the effects of the curse gone away when I died, and crossed over to the Earth plane?” interjects Brimlo, who is then targeted by a very intense glance from Agamemnon.

Seeing this, Brimlo hushes up, and goes about his cooking, which also includes throwing some frozen fries into the oven.

“Unless…” suddenly speaks Agamemnon, which gets Angly’s attention immediately…

Agamemnon goes to his room and retrieves a large black and purple velvet covered book.

He then sits down at the table beside Angly.

“I’m sorry Agamemnon… I really didn’t think” Angly tries to explain, but is interrupted once more by Agamemnon who pokes his pointing finger at a specific page.

“Here… Angly… Read this” he says and slides the book over to him.

The book itself is in an utterly unreadable language, unless you understand the language of magic, which Angly does.

“It says… If a portal is left open from one plane, to another, than cases of magic have been known to occur within planes of none magic” with this he looks up at Agamemnon.

“Which means” interjects Agatha, but she is than interrupted as well.

“There’s a portal open between the Earth, and Ordose plane,” speaks Brimlo as he sits down buns and condiments on the table, which is when Agatha notices that Brimlo is wearing an apron with a large cartoon frog on it.

“Where did you get that apron Brimlo?” she speaks, which seems to annoy Brimlo.

“Never you mind, dinner will be ready soon” he replies as he goes back into the kitchen.

“But why would there be a plane open?” suddenly speaks Angly.


Chapter VI – Ambush

Chapter VII – Iliad

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire

Chapter V – Swordplay

Chapter VI – Ambush

Chapter VII – Iliad

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire

Chapter IX – Westbound

Chapter X – Following A King


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