You’re No Jedi Yet – Editing Challenges

Luke-Darth_VaderYou’re No Jedi Yet – Editing Challenges

Sometimes it just feels like you’re fighting with yourself…

Doesn’t it?

Ok, so my plan in January was, Contact My Editor, and see if she’s available to start Editing “Chess With Agatha” (The First In My “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy of Fantasy Novels), hoping she can start by Mid January, and maybe we can finish it in 2 to 3 weeks, her Schedule Allowing.

Ahh, there’s the Rub… Her ‘Schedule’.

And sadly as I feared, being My Editor (At least for my first two books) is My Eldest Sister, and her, and her husband have adopted a rather ‘Large’, ‘Lovely’ and ‘Rambunctious’ 11 Month Old Malamute Pup, and thus after talking to her yesterday, I’ve determined that she’s not likely to have time to Edit My Book any time soon.

ARGHH!! is the only thought that comes to mind, Lol

kickstarterBack in November I ran My Second Kickstarter Project (The First was for My Novella, “I Died Once“, which was Successful), in order to generate some Funds to Both ‘Hire’ and Artist for the Cover of “Chess With Agatha”, as well as Fund to Hire an Editor (Hopefully My Sister again), but sadly I did not hit my goal.

And so now I sit ‘Fundless’, and ‘Editorless’ here on the 5th of January.

A Font with SerifsOn a Positive Note, seeing that My November Kickstarter Project wasn’t liable to succeed, I started to work with My Very Good Photography Friend, Kirsty @ La Plume Noire, and Together we Created the Book Cover you see on the Left…

My Design, her Photography.

Alright, so, half of what I set out to Achieve in November, was indeed Complete.

But now… Hmm… I must some how Create the Funds to Hire a ‘Whole New’ Editor to Edit My Book, still Hoping/Shooting For a January-February Self Publishing Date…

Hmm… Doable I think

But how?

Yes, so it’s definitely true that “I’m No Jedi Yet” in regards to ‘Writing’, & ‘Self Publishing’…

Luke and YodaBut I still figure I’m at least somewhere in the ‘Degaba System’ of it all, which is fine by me..

Let ‘Effort’, and ‘Experiences’ be My Yoda I say

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening



3 Responses to “You’re No Jedi Yet – Editing Challenges”

  1. Sorry to hear about the road blocks. Must be quite frustrating. How long is Chess WIth Agatha?

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