He spoke in Riddles

The less known…

The better

Full of Promise, and Hope

He kept to himself…

Watching as the Flickering Lights of  Questions passed him by

The Longing…

It wasn’t going to go anywhere

And so he let it be…

How could this be it

Was there nothing more?

He tried his best not to ask

It wasn’t like anyone was going to answer him anyway…

The Shadows Talk

They Used to say…

Brief Glimpses into an others Life

Hopes and Dreams shared with one another…

One that you Love

They sometimes Smiled in the Sunlight…

But more often Cried in the Moonlight

Sometimes a Skipped Rock finds its way back…

But most never wait long enough to ever see this come

It’s a Shame…

But you mustn’t give up

It’s Just not in our nature…

And that might be all we’ve got

Embrace it until your Hands Bleed…

White Sleeves Tainted, aren’t for not


PICTURE CREDIT – Man In The Shadows

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