Iliad (Chapter VII) – Iliad


A Novel

by DarkJade

Book II of The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

Chapter VII – Iliad




Angly awakes in a sweat, his eyes glowing slightly light blue for a moment.

Agatha storms into the room

“What is it Angly?” she speaks.

Angly looks over at Agatha “How did you know I was awake?”

Agatha, only half awake, replies “I… I don’t know.”


Hemmingbyrd’s eyes slowly start to open, as he hears the sounds of horse hooves.


It is still night, but nearing sunrise, as Hemmingbyrd looks around to see that he is being pulled on some sort of thrown together med stretcher, by what appears to be 10 of King Elias Sthorn Elite Knights, lead by Captain Riotch.

Captain Riotch is a strong looking man in his mid, to late twenties… His hair is about cheek length, and blond.

Under his right eyes is a two inch scar… A blade shot that nearly took his eye.


“What… What’s going on?” speaks Hemmingbyrd who feels quite weak.

Captain Riotch slows his horse so that he is now riding besides Hemmingybyrd.

“Good morning Wizard… We found you stabbed, and bleeding by your campfire” Captain Riotch explains.

He then pulls out the dagger that had stabbed the Hemmingbyrd, which has been carefully wrapped in a thick leather cloth.

“And this” continues Roitch.

“I…” Hemmingbyrd starts to say, then passes out.




Prince Morr is sitting, sleeping in a chair some eight or so feet away from Hemmingbyrd’s bed.

Hemmingbyrd slowly awakens, and looks most pale.

When he awakes, his lavendar eyes go a bit dark again.

“Morr…” he says, which wakes Prince Morr.

“Take me to Iliad’s tower chambers immediately!” he says.


Morr enters the chambers with Hemmingbyrd, who is using the great, white Jundo Staff to keep upright.

But he is very weak.

Two knights have also entered the chamber, and one of them is carrying the black box that contains ‘Iliad’s Ashes’.

Within the chamber the blue fire and light portal, full of lightning and thunder, is still present, and glowing.

CRACK KOOM! crashes the thunder from within it.

Hemmingbyrd, who is starting to sweat, and barely able to speak, speaks none the less “Give me the box” he says.

The knight hands Hemmingbyrd the box, and he in turn opens it.

Within it are the red and gold yellow ashes of Iliad.

He then speaks a few words “Obdo… Maryus… Cepto,” and tosses some of the ashes onto the portal, which causes it to CRACK KOOM! crack more thunderously, and shift colors from blue, to a red and golden yellow.

Hemmingbyrd then falls to the floor, unconscious.

Morr is quickly at his side “RETURN HIM TO HIS CHAMBERS AT ONCE!” he bellows as the two knights pick up Hemmingbyrd, and carry him out of the chamber.

Leaving Prince Morr staring at the stirring great magical red and yellow portal.

“What is he doing…” he says to himself lowly, then leaves the chambers.



Angly, Brimlo, Agatha and Agamemnon all stand around a red circle that Angly has drawn on the wood floor.

Angly is pacing around, looking, and flipping through one of his magic books.

“Ok… Ok… The next thing we must do is…” he speaks to himself.

Meanwhile Agamemnon is looking over at Agatha, who notes this.

“What is it father?” she speaks to him telepathically.

He simply shakes his head, indicating it is nothing.

Just then he takes a black pouch out of his side pocket, and tosses it to Angly

“Try this,” he says.

Angley looks at Agamemnon, then into the bag.

“Magic dust” he speaks, then starts to add marking to the red circle, but these markings are a blue silver from the dust.

He then stands, and opens the book again.

“Ok… Lets do this” he says.

“Obdo… Maryus… Cepto,” he speaks the same words that Hemmingbyrd had used before passing out, and suddenly…

CRACK KOOM! a red yellow portal of fire and light appears them… some five to six foot tall, fluctuating in size.

“My words… It worked” speaks Angly with a slight smile.

“Enter it Angly… And take Agatha… But know you this, you may never return to the Earth Plane” speaks Agamemnon.

“What?! Nether of us?” questions Angly.

“No… Only you… Now go… And take care of my daughter” speaks Agamemnon.

“What about me?” asks Brimlo, but Agamemnon shakes his head indicating it isn’t possible.

Agatha quickly grabs onto her father and hugs him.

“I love you father!” she says.

“I know girl… Now go” he says as he strokes her hair.

CRACK KOOM! sounds the portal, filling the room with sound.

“ARE YOU READY?” yells Angly.

Agatha nods, and the both leap into the portal…




Suddenly from out of the yellow and red portal comes not ‘Angly’, but Iliad… His blond haired, wirey form, and friendly looking self… And Agatha right behind him.

“Iliad?” Agatha speaks.

And Iliad runs over to his dresser mirror, and touches his face.

“I am myself again… I am Iliad!” he speaks.

“HOLD THERE!” suddenly the two knights that were guarding the chamber enter, their swords drawn.

Prince Morr then enters between them, and can’t help but smile widely.

“Agatha? Iliad?!” he exclaims.

Agatha can’t help but smile either, and runs to Morr’s arms “Morr!”

Meanwhile Iliad is looking through his drawers, “All that are here are ‘Fools’ clothing, haven’t you something more appropriate to a Wizard?” he asks.

HA HA HA! both Agatha and Morr break into laughter.


PICTURE CREDIT – Colorful Characters


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