Iliad (Chapter VIII) – Giants Of Fire


A Novella

by DarkJade

Book II of The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire




Hemmingbyrd is laying in bed, resting… He still looks rather pale.

Iliad, and Agatha stand before him, and Prince Morr is standing by the entrance.

“It’s good to see you Agatha” speaks Hemmingbyrd.

She replies with a smile.

“But… Why am I here Hemmingbyrd? I am but a King’s Fool?” says Iliad.

“Enough of all that… You know that is far from true,” replies Hemmingbyrd.

Suddenly Iliad gets a knowing look in his eyes.

“Have you chosen your school of magic?” inquires Hemmingbyrd.

“You knew” replies Iliad.

Hemmingbyrd smiles proudly.

“That’s why you made me the Kings’ Jester when I was a boy” continues Iliad.

“A little humility never hurts a Wizard” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“You brought me here to replace you…” Iliad inserts.

“Not immediately… But someday… Yes” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“I am after all, 513 years old, I’ve only got a couple hundred years left, at best… And the Kingdom of Sthorn, gods allowing, will continue to need magic within its walls” concludes Hemmingbyrd.

“But I’m no Wizard…” replies Iliad.

“But you are… You already are” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“That’s why I could understand your silly, strange words” says Iliad.

“Only strange to those that do not have magic running through their veins” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“But Agatha?” says Iliad.

“Can understand some of them… Yes” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“So she?” questions Iliad.

“Yes… She definitely has magic with her… But you know this Iliad… You’ve seen what she can do,” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“There are many things that you know and disregard as roaming thoughts,” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“Well I,” Iliad begins.

“Are wise Iliad… Very, very wise,” interjects Hemmingbyrd.

Iliad blushes a bit, and Agatha lightly hits his shoulder.

“One might say, almost as wise as I…” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“No…” replies Iliad.

“And yet, you are 484 years younger” finishes Hemmingbyrd.

“I could never” starts Iliad but Hemmingbyrd interrupts again.

“We our an evolving race, just like these mortals,” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“They’re evolving?” questions Iliad with a smile.

HA! HA! they all start to laugh.

“Agatha!” suddenly the warm voice of King Elias comes from the behind them, and Agatha runs into her father’s arms…

“Father!” she says.

King Elias strokes his daughter’s hair “Oh my girl… I am so glad to see you” he tears up “you have no idea.”

Iliad then leans over and whispers to Hemmingbyrd “Have you determined how much longer you live?”

“Indeed… Give or take a few years” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“And this” Iliad points at Hemmingbyrd’s knife wound, which is bandaged.

“Well… I’m sure it doesn’t help… But it wasn’t meant to kill me, only weaken me temporarily, as well as send you a message to come I suspect” explains Hemmingbyrd.

“A message for me to come?” questions Iliad.

“Never mind that for now… Either way, I will not be able to accompany you and Agatha to Zor Thos’s Kingdom to the West” says Hemmingbyrd.

“I shall go myself to Zor Thos” suddenly interjects the King.

“Who is Zor Thos?” Agatha leans back and asks Morr.

“He is the King of the Giants of Fire” replies Morr quietly.

“My lord” starts Hemmingbyrd, but Elias stops him.

“I am the King of Sthorn… And you have swore that our kingdom shall speak to Zor Thos… It’s only befitting that it is I that goes” he continues.

“Very well my lord… But then I insist that Prince Morr, and at lest 50 of our strongest Sthorn Knights accompany you,” says Hemmingbyrd, who is starting to look a bit weak.

Suddenly the king’s doctor comes into the room “He really must rest my king,” he speaks.

“Very well… I shall prepare for our journey” speaks the king who touches Agatha’s face, then nods to Prince Morr, who accompanies him out of the room.

“Just give us a minute more doctor” Hemmingbyrd says to the doctor, who nods, and leaves.

“Iliad… Go to my chambers and find the ‘Book of Lomahy’… You must study it like there is no tomorrow” speaks Hemmingbyrd, who nods, and leaves the chamber as well… Leaving only Agatha and Hemmingbyrd in the room.

“Come here my sweet” Hemmingbyrd speaks gesturing her to come closer…

With this she slides a chair up to the bed, and takes one of Hemmingbyrd’s hands.

“Agatha… You, Iliad and Captain Riotch will follow your father from afar,” he says.

“But the King?” she replies.

“Must not know… Though he’s liable to figure it out, he will not say a word… He knows that I know best in these sort of matters” he explains.

“But… Why?” questions Agatha.

“The kingdom, and Plane of Ordose itself, is  in great danger,” explains Hemmingbyrd.

“From who?” she replies.

“Never mind that… In addition to Iliad, and Caption Riotch, I want you to take my Spyr Bird, Monto Gue” with this Hemmingbyrd holds out his arm, and in through the chamber window flies Hemmingbyrd’s Spyr Bird, Monto Gue… A trail of white light trailing behind it, it instead lands on Agatha’s arm.

Hemmingbyrd smiles “He likes you already.”

“You must protect him Agatha… And protect Iliad too, though he must also protect you” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“But I” she starts.

“No buts,” interjects Hemmingbyrd.

“I shall” she finishes.




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