So I Spoke To An Editor

book-editors3So I Spoke To An Editor

I spoke to an Editor that I’d really like to work with…

But as I figured, it will likely cost three times as much to Edit “Chess With Agatha“, as it did with “I Died Once“.

Mainly because it’s just a Longer Book.

So what I’m doing now is continuing to Apply the Grammar/Line Edits of my Friend Beth, which she finished back in November.

With the Hopes to make Editing My Manuscript all that Easier, and Less Time Consuming for My Editor.

A Font with SerifsIn addition to that, I will be trying to figure out ways to generate funds so that I can Hire My Editor.

Like I’ve mentioned, My Kickstarter Editing Funding Project was Successful for My Novella “I Died Once”, but my Second one was not Successful.

And so, this is the Current Challenge.

But, I’m alright with that/this… As last year went so well in regards to Writing, and Self Publishing, and with “Chess With Agatha”, I’m taking it to a whole new level.

Mainly because it’s a Longer Book, but also because I’ll be Including a Short Synopsis of the Story on the Back Cover, and will also need to Generate a Map of the Land, which will be included in the book as well… As is common in Fantasy Novels.

This will take an Artist of some sort, and I have yet to acquire one, but I will continue to work away at it.

With any luck, and a bunch of work, I’m still hoping to Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” within the Month of February.

char-illiusMeanwhile, as planned, I have begun Writing the 2nd Book in the “Planes of Ordose” Trilogy (The First Being “Chess With Agatha”), “Iliad“, which is flowing quite well.

I know it would probably be easier if I could just Edit My Own Books, but alas, it really isn’t my forte.

I shall continue to Update you My Followers, and/or Fellow Artists, as I progress.

Thanks for Listening/Reading


*P.S. All of this is kind of pushing My “Allure” Vampire Novella Series off a bit, but once I get the Editing Figured out for “Chess With Agatha”, I shall move forward with “Allure”.

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  2. I wish you all the best with each project, DJ!

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