The Editing Continues

char-illiusThe Editing Continues

My Apologies for the Lack of New Chapters Being Posted for My New Fantasy Novel, “Iliad“… The Second Book in the “Planes of Ordose” Series.

I’ve really been delving into Editing “Chess With Agatha“, which is Book One of the “Planes of Ordose” Trilogy…

And now that I’m actually making some Headway with it, it’s actually becoming slightly enjoyable.

It’s that Feeling as you see your Work begin to Inch Toward its ‘Final’ Form… Something I thoroughly enjoyed whilst Editing “I Died Once“, and even more so way back in 2004-05, when I poured Hundreds of Hours into Editing My First, and Only Complete Screenplay, “White Jade“.

That said, I have much of The Second Book, “Iliad”, Mapped Out, and have many things jotted down in my Black Notebooks, which I fill most often.

Hopefully somewhere in here, I will Post Another Chapter.

Until then, Here are the Chapters of “Iliad” I’ve Posted so far.


Chapter I – Home

Chapter II – Matters Of The State

Chapter III – Elias

Chapter IV – The Meeting

Chapter V – Swordplay

Chapter VI – Ambush

Chapter VII – Iliad

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire

In case you’ve missed any of them.

Thanks for Your Continued to Support, and Interest in My Writing, and/or My Site

Back to Work with me…



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  1. Keep up the good work!

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