Dark Moon

night-moon-dark-clouds-clouds-natureDark Moon

Dark Moon

I Can Feel you…

Your Light reaches down

And Touches my Mind…

Star Filled Sky

I Know what you’re Thinking…

Your Gifts

And Beauty…

Is so often set aside


Forgive us

How we folly…

Your White Light

Against the Darkest Sky…

Presses back the Pain

Of Life’s Goodbyes…

We Rest Easy

In the Knowing

We are not Alone…

You are

And Shall Always be…

Close by


PICTURE CREDIT – Night, Moon, Dark Clouds

4 Responses to “Dark Moon”

  1. This is lovely, and what a gorgeous use of the word ‘folly’. I haven’t heard that in a while, it has made my day ^^

    • Great Word… For some reason I keep picturing Sean Bean saying it, Lol Probably because he says it so well

      But it’s more likely Shakespeare that originally turned it onto me… Or not… I have no idea, Lol

      Thanks Anna


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