Iliad (Chapter IX) – Westbound


A Novel

by DarkJade

Book II of The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

Chapter IX – Westbound



Outside the gates of Sthorn Light Castle, King Elias stands besides his white steed, Coran, and speaks to his daughter Agatha.

Also outside the gates are Prince Morr, 20 Sthorn Archers, and 10 of the King’s Elite Guard.

The King is wearing golden red armor, that appears almost to have moving fire within its metal.

And his sword’s handle almost seems to have a white glow.

“And so no sooner than you have returned, I am departing,” he says to Agatha as he kisses her cheek.

She in turn holds him tightly.

“I’m beginning to feel as though I’ve lived here father… Like Agamemnon told me, this place was once my home,” she says with tears coming to her eyes.

“It does my heart well to hear it,” he says as he mounts Coran. “Still, I wish I could have spent some more time with you.”

“It’s alright father… It is what it is to be King,” she replies looking up at him upon his horse, and holding onto one of his hands.

“True indeed. And good that you know this already… As someday it will be you that rules Sthorn,” he adds. “I leave you in command of Sthorn Light Castle, and the Kingdom of Sthorn.” he says as he turns his horse away. “Guard it well,” are his last words as he rides off, his men following in tow.

“I shall father,” Agatha replies.

Her eyes than lock with Prince Morr’s, who bows slightly, and rides off.


The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd sits in a chair, looking out his window, with his white bird Monto Gue on his arm.

Iliad comes in, holding a large dark blue velvet covered book under his arms.

“You called my Lord,” speaks Iliad.

Hemmingbyrd sends his bird out the window, and turns towards Iliad.

“Oh good… Come, sit, sit,” he says, and Iliad sits in the nearby chair.

“I see you’ve found the book of Lomahy, studying it?” he asks.

“Yes my Lord, as you have suggested,” Iliad replies.

“And?” asks Hemmingbyrd.

“It is… Amazing,” replies Iliad with a half smile.

Hemmingbyrd smiles with relieved satisfaction “Good… Good.”

Hemmingbyrd then weakly rises, and makes for his bed.

Iliad assists him.

Once under his blanks, he speaks more “And have you chosen your school of magic?”

“Not as of yet… But I will most hastily, I promise,” replies Iliad.

“Good… Good. As a Common Mage you will only be so powerful. And should you run into the one who ordered this,” Hemmingbyrd points towards the wound on his side, “They will be much too powerful for you.”

“I see,” replies Iliad.

“This is why you must choose quickly, and begin your focused study,” continues Hemmingbyrd, whose eyes then begin to close, as he suddenly requires rest.

Iliad starts to stand, but Hemmingbyrd grabs his arm “Choose wisely Iliad! Let not your ego misguide you.”

Iliad pats Hemmingbyrd’s hand “I shall choose wisely… Old one, ” and with this they both laugh a bit, then Hemmingbyrd falls to sleep.


Agatha, after watching her father and his men ride off, sits outside the castle pensively, sitting upon a large rock… But just as she rises, and walks back towards the castle, she hears a horse approaching.

She turns to see a golden warrior, dark brown caped, with shoulder length sandy blond hair.

He raises his hand in greetings as he approaches, and brings his horse to a halt, “Greetings from the Warriors of Lamelon… I am Samyth… I’ve come to aid you in your quest,” he speaks with a green eyed twinkle in his eyes.

Just then Hemmingbyrd’s white bird Mondo Gue swoops down in a blaze of white light, and lands upon Agatha’s arm.

“Aye… This is the bird that has requested our coming,” finishes the warrior.




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