Mists Of Truth

Jake1Mists Of Truth

by DarkJade

A young, dark haired man lays in a dark room, listening to “Alice In Chains”, and waiting for his friend to get there.

In his right hand he’s holding a cigarette, as he takes a hit and gazes out the nearby window, where the sky is full of stars.






Finally there’s knock on the door…

He jumps up, and switches the Music to “Mazzy Star”…

…then opens the door.

A young blond haired girl, with blue streaks in her hair, is there.

“Hi Stacey…” speaks the young man.

“Hi Jake…” she replies.

“Come in…” he says.

She steps inside “No lights?”

“You know me,” Jake replies.

“I did for a while… Yeah,” she replies.

He hands her a cigarette, and lays back on the floor.

She steps over to the window “Do you mind if I open this? There’s a nice cool breeze goin on out there.”

“Uh… Sure,” he replies.

She opens the window, sticks her head out, and takes a deep breath in, her eyes closed…

Meanwhile Jake is laying on the floor, taking an occasional hit off his cigarette, his eyes closed, listening to the song.

The next thing he knows she’s laying beside him.

“Mazzy…” she says.

“Yeah…” replies Jake.

“You put this on for me… Didn’t you,” she says.

He opens his eyes, barely able to see her by star light “Yeah,” he replies.

Another song comes on.

She smiles… “You’re sweet Jake… Always were.”

He smiles, and blushes a bit in the darkness “Maybe,” he replies.

They lay there for a bit, just listening to the music, and feeling the cool night air come into the room.

“Why did we stop doing this?” she asks.

“Oh… I don’t know… Life happens… Sometimes,” he replies.

“Yeah…” she takes a hit off her cigarette “I guess.”

“So are you really leaving?” he asks.

She doesn’t answer right away “Yeah.”

They sit and listen for a bit more… “I’ve missed Mazzy” he says.

She looks over at him and smiles “Yeah.”

“And you’re sure this is what you want to do?” he asks.

She stares out at the stars… “Yeah.”

Some moments go by…

“Well… I will miss you,” Jake says, and looks over at Stacey.

She looks over at him as well… “I will miss you too Jake…”

She takes his hand, and they listen to the music into the night…

No more conversation… Only soft music, and holding hands.




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