Tegan And Sara Heartthrob – In Review

Article-7505187-teganandsaracloserTegan And Sara Heartthrob – In Review

I was introduced to Tegan and Sara sometime last year, and have been a follower of theirs, and their music since.

I always felt there was something very unique about their voices, and their Pop and Rock Sensibilities have always been very strong, and present.

But this Post isn’t about what I’ve heard from them before, or why I’ve followed them since.

No, this Post is a Review of their Brand New Album, Currently Streaming on RollingStone.Com as we Speak.

Tegan-and-Sara-HeartthrobThe Album’s Name, is Heartthrob, and will be available in whole on January 29th, 2013 (Next Tuesday).

Before I start My Review Song by Song, let me start by saying that when they brought out their First Single from the Album, called “Closer”, I felt that they had taken their Pop Aspect Efforts to a New Level… And I was Curious to see what the rest of the Album was like. And I have not been disappointed… In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Song by Song Review;

Closer – First off, I felt this song showed signs of taking the Pop Aspect of their Music to a New Level… And when I say a New Level, what I mean is this. To me, Pop Songs are at least partly designed to make you Feel Good… In one way or another. This Song does that. (And the Video is Cute too)

Goodbye, Goodbye – A Pop Song on this Album that truly takes me back to the 80’s, which is when I was a teenager. And there was a ‘whole’ lot of Pop going on. Good Song.

I Was A Fool – Ok, this song did me in when I first heard them stream it recently. I haven’t heard a Pop Song like this in 20 or so years… Not really. It’s what I consider ‘Deep Pop’, and it’s not all that easy to do. I can safely say this song alone makes the whole Album worth picking up. It’s not just ‘Beautiful’, it’s Penetrating, on a Very Pop Level that is. But also on a Human Level, but it is Injected via Pop, which makes the experience both Fun, and even Playful. Meaning, at least you’re Smiling as You’re Crying. Well Done Girls, I just Love this Track.

I’m Not Your Hero – Another Great 80’s Rock Pop Track, but with that Classic Tegan and Sara Chorus, that makes you border on crying, once again. If you’re Sensitive at all, This Album will make you Cry at certain points. Or when things are tough in your life, you’re likely to throw this Album in, to help the Painful Process of certain Feelings get through, and beyond your system. So to speak. Just a Great Song, this is only the Second Time for me hearing it, and I can tell that I’m going to be playing it over, and over, and over again, like I did with “I Was A Fool.”

Drove Me Wild – Yet another 80’s esq Song… Let me say this though, though there is some 80’s vibe going through these songs, it is Completely New Feeling as well. Lets call it ‘Neo-Pop’, Lol. Good Song.

How Come You Don’t Want Me – A Mild, Good Feeling, Fight Song… Fighting for your Life. Fighting for something More. Fighting for who you are, and for your Own Happiness… Kinda feeling, Lol Good Song.

I Couldn’t Be Your Friend – A Good Cruising down the Highway, staring at the Sea (If you Live by the Sea that is, Lol), Singing softly as you go. This is a Real Good Song. Definitely placed well as the 7th of 10 Songs on the Album. Good Job with that girls.

Love They Say – Ok, so by the time you reach this song… You feel like you’re already ‘Involved’ with the Album, so to speak… And so you might throw down a blanket at a park, or in a field… And just gaze into the sky, and watch the clouds go by. This is another Good Song. ‘Pop-Soothing’ perhaps. Great Choice as the 8th Song.

Now I’m All Messed Up – From some of the Interviews I’ve watched with Tegan and Sara, it seems that while Sara was pushing Tegan not to be so ‘Self Deprecating’ in this Album, Tegan was pushing Sara to Expose herself more emotionally… And this Track does just this. I really Feel that this Album is going to take Sara to a Whole New Level both as A Singer, but also as a Song Writer… I Love this Song… It’s Giving me Goosebumps as I speak. Thanks for opening up Sara, it is not lost on us True Fans.

Shock To Your System – Just an Amazing Closing Song… It Thanks you for coming… It Promises you that there is much more to Come. Beautiful Singing, Great Warm Beat…

Overall Review;

In the end, I feel that they’ve succeeded in the Fine Art of Placing a Large, Satisfying Treasure Trove of Music, in a Mere 10 Song Album.

It’s all about Quality in this Album, and it Definitely Leaves you Wanting More.

High Quality, Fun, Deep, Meaningful Pop. Which by the way, does Exist. Just Ask George Michael, and Tears For Fears.

Check it out, it’s Well Worth Your Money.






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