Editing, Basketball, And Steak

0127031127Editing, Basketball, And Steak

All is well at the DarkJade abode…

My kitty, Baron, is sleeping behind me, as I attempt to finish up Editing this Draft of my “Chess With Agatha” manuscript.



0127031141Though it is Sunday, and so I doubt I’ll actually finish it.

As Sunday is the day that I try to make myself take some time to just relax.

Most of my week is spent either Writing, or Editing these days… And though it is a Work of Passion, it still work.

And it is good to just shutdown to a degree.

And so, I shall do a bit more Editing here, and then toss a Steak onto the Stove, and attempt to make an Excellent Lunch, Lol

And then My Basketball Team, The Lakers, will be playing the Best Teams (Or one of em anyway) in Basketball, we shall see how they hold up.

So for me, it’s Editing, Basketball, And Steak…

I Hope all of you have a Lovely Sunday


6 Responses to “Editing, Basketball, And Steak”

  1. When I am at the computer my 13 yr old cat Dolly lays at my feet or behind me. Very sweet picture!

  2. Happy Sunday DJ! 🙂

  3. It is important to take some time to just relax. Hope your Sunday was a good one.

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