Writer’s Path… January Achievements, February Goals

februaryWriter’s Path… January Achievements, February Goals


Editor for CWA – In January, I sought to accomplish a couple things… One, to if not Edit “Chess With Agatha“, then to at least Find an Editor, and a way to Pay an Editor.

Fortunately, I achieved this by January 31st of the month, which still counts, Lol

At least in my Book.

I now have an Editor Chosen, and will have the Funds to begin Editing in the next week or two.

char-illiusStart “Iliad” – The other Goal I had, was to begin My Second in the Ordose Trilogy of Fantasy Novels (The First Being “Chess With Agatha”), which I did… But I slowed that up a bit to focus on some Additional Editing that I was doing with CWA, in preparation for The Editor.

Still, I achieved this. The Prologue, and First 10 Chapters are now Written.

Vampire 3February Goals;

Allure – Now that I have secured an Editor for CWA, I am at last able to shift my focus, ever so slightly, towards my Vampire Series, “Allure“.

“Allure” began as a Blog Series, but I have since decided that I will make it into a Series of Novellas, starting with the first, which will be called simply, “Allure”.

The First Draft of this Novella has already been Written, via Blog Series Posts, so it’s onto stage two of my  process, which is to have my Good Friend Beth Read, Review and Line Edit it.

Like I’ve said in the past, Beth is not an ‘Editor’ by trade, but she is a Writer, and offers an Immense amount of Insight, and I am fortunate enough to have such a friend for this second part of my process.

She will most likely be starting this process in a couple weeks or so, as she is working on her own Novel at the moment, but I’m not in a huge rush… Especially since I’m not likely to start implementing her suggestions, until I’ve actually ‘Self Published’ “Chess With Agatha”.

A Font with SerifsEdit Chess With Agatha (CWA) – As any of you that have been following me already know, in a week or so, I shall begin working with my Editor for CWA.

Find someone to Draw CWA Land Map – Within February, I will be trying to secure someone to Draw a Small Land Map for “Chess With Agatha”… It is the Norm with Fantasy Novels to have a Map of the Land, and mine shall be no different. Fortunately, the map won’t need to be too extensive, as they only travel through a hand full of areas in this First Book

Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” – The Goal, all things going smoothly allowing, is to at last ‘Self Publish’ “Chess With Agatha” towards the end of February.

Iliad – I shall continue to Post New Chapters for the Second Ordose Book.

Additional Story Writing – Who knows what New Stories might come into my head, I am definitely hungry to delve into some… But Editing, and Self Publishing CWA is the main focus at the moment… Followed by the Preparation for Editing of “Allure”.

Still, the Writer is alive and well, and Hungers for New Creations.

I may also return back to Writing “Allure”‘s Second Novella, “Seers Of The Night“, which I also started last year, but put on hold while I dealt with Self Publishing “I Died Once“.


I Highly Recommend those of you interested in My Self Publishing Efforts, to also Follow My Author’s Blog, which I Update Time to Time.

Also, you’re Welcome to Follow Me on Twitter, @DJWrittneWord for this Site

Once again, Thanks for Listening/Reading, and Thanks for your Continued Interest in My Work/Writing



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