Allure (Book II) Seers Of The Night – Chapter V

173774Allure (Book II) Seers Of The Night

by DarkJade

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Chapter II

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Chapter V – Reemergence




Roy is icing his bruises while Uncle Tom is looking out the office window.

Meanwhile Arram has a map of the city laid out across a broken down table, her black hair down over her face.

“So, Arram… Not even a hi, how have you been for me, or your Uncle?” jests Roy.

Arram doesn’t look up from the map, or reply.

“I’ll step outside…” interjects Uncle Tom, and he steps outside into the hallway.

“So, what’s going on between the two of you anyway?” asks Roy, as he pulls his shirt back over his very buffed out arms and chest.

Arrams’s eyes raise to meet Roy’s. “It’s nice to see you Roy… How goes the vampire slaying,” she says with a semi smile.

“Roy smiles back, “Arram, it is you, I hardly recognized you with that ‘un-blue’, or ‘un-purple’ hair,” he says still prodding at her a bit.

Arram reaches back and strokes her black hair… “Yeah… Well… I’m older now,” she explains unconvincingly.

“Nineteen? That’s not really what I’d call ‘older’,” he says, and lights a cigar.

“What about you and the crew cut, what a waste of a perfectly good mane of blond hair,” she replies, smiling again.

Roy smiles once more, and steps over to the table where she has the map laid out. “I heard you burned up your Mustang before you blew out of Oregon… Now that’s a waste, that thing was a classic.”

“Yeah, well, once I found out my Uncle killed my mother, I didn’t want his damn 16th birthday present any longer,” she replies coldly.

Roy looks stunned. “So that’s why you’re not talking, or looking at your Uncle… Makes sense… Truth is, I don’t really know what to say to that… Other than… I’m sorry.”

Arram looks at Roy. “I don’t really know the details, he left me a note on my 17th birthday, but I didn’t read it until a few days later… And when I did,” she explains, but Roy interrupts.

“You lit the car on fire, and left town,” says Roy.

“Pretty much,” she replies.

“So… Where have you been for the last couple years?” Roy asks.

“I’ll tell you where I haven’t been, hunting vampires,” she speaks as she rolls up the map. “Until tonight”.

“Yeah… Well…” Roy scratches his head “We were due for a long and painful death… It was only a matter of time.”

“I’m glad that did not end up being the case,” speaks Arram, as she steps towards Roy and touches his face for a moment, then stops.

“Why are you here Arram? We’ve had no luck finding La Fon, and instead have come upon a hive of other vampires… Including your friend, Vincent,” explains Roy.

With this Arram just stares at Roy. “Tell my Uncle to come back in…”

“I’m in” replies Uncle Tom, who steps back in the room, cane in hand.

“I’m here, because La Fon is here, or on his way here…” she explains.

“How do you? Nevermind, you just know, right…” states Roy.

“I thought you were done hunting him?” questions Uncle Tom.

” I am… Or rather… I was… But something bad’s happening here… And I can’t just sit by and ignore it any longer… The vampire population has tripled since I disappeared two years ago,” she replies.

“Indeed it has… It appears to be closer to 1,800 now…” speaks Uncle Tom.

“I didn’t even know there was 600 back when I was hunting La Fon… I only knew about him, Vincent and Thomas,” replies Arram.

“La Fon is more important than the rest of them combined… He is the ‘chosen’ one…” speaks Uncle Tom.

“Chosen one?” replies Arram.

“Chosen to lead the vampires into some sort of an up rise,” further explains Uncle Tom.

“But so far he’s been a no show, and there’s some other vampire leading them, that Vincent reports to, but we haven’t figured out who, or where they are,” adds Roy.

“Well it’s time that we did,” replies Arram.



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