Allure (Book II) Seers Of The Night – Chapter VI

Anime Guy 6Allure (Book II) Seers Of The Night

by DarkJade

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Chapter VI – Writing On The Wall

Because I have finished the last of my mother’s books, I have decided to begin keeping my own journal… Who knows if any shall ever read them… But I do it more for my own sanity, than anything else. In my mother’s final book, Uncle Tom had gone to La Fon’s castle, and family estate, with intentions of killing him… And my mother planned on stopping him in some way… But how? Whether I like it or not, I will need to speak to my Uncle.

Journal of Daisy Arram – aka Arram






The most popular club in town, the Panama Club, is as busy as ever.

With patrons lined up and down the sidewalks outside, in hopes of getting in.



Inside, the dance floor, and tables surrounding it, are filled to the brim.

With scary looking, dark sunglass wearing security bouncers staggered every thirty feet, leaned up against its inner walls.

Girls, drugs, music, anything a party seeking mortal could hope for, all within their grasp…

As long as they have enough cash.



Meanwhile, in the backroom, Nolan Prosk, leader of the vampires, a handsome, slim man, with shortish brown hair, and glowing blue eyes, sits back behind his chair smoking a long cigarette, as his lacky, or second hand man, or vampire as it were… Philip, listens to a mortal drug lord beg him for leniency in delivering payment.

“Need I remind you who this is behind me, smoking a cigarette in displeasure…” speaks Philip, causing Prosk to smile just slightly in amusement.

“I just need a bit more time Mr. Philip… And, uh… Mr. Prosk sir… Then I’ll have your money” the drug lord pleads.

“Maybe if you stopped sniffing the profits up your pathetic human nose, I would not be bothered with such things, when I should be out greeting Mr. Prosk’s guests…” continues Philip.

Meanwhile Vincent stands in the shadows watching, his green eyes glowing slightly.

“Kill him…” speaks Philip, and two security thug vampires move towards him…

“NO! NO!” yells the man, when…

Suddenly, Prosk looks towards the door.

“Wait…” speaks Prosk.

Vincent steps forward, “I sense it too…”

Prosk makes a gesture towards the security thugs, and they let the drug lord go. He runs quickly out of the room.



Meanwhile an exceptionally good looking, black depped haired man steps into the club, and immediately six or more girls swoon to him…

It’s La Fon.

La Fon pays them no mind, and steps down the stairs leading in, as he casts his gaze across the dance floor.

Two security thugs move at him, as he hasn’t paid to get in, but with one gaze of his glowing red eyes, they back off into the shadows.




Roy, and Uncle Tom are eating Chinese food, while Arram stands by the window, arms crossed, peering into the night.

Suddenly she drops to one knee.

Roy jumps up, and goes to her side. “Arram, are you alright?”

Arram takes Roy’s arm, and “La Fon… He’s here… In the city…”

Uncle Tom grabs his cane, and stands. “Then we have no time to waste…” with this he loads his revolver, and one handed crossbow, and attaches them to his belt.

“NO!” Arram says loudly as she stands, holding her hand out towards her Uncle.

“You stay here… They’re looking for you,” she insists.

“And me?” inserts Roy.

“It’s him they want, they won’t be looking for you, especially when you dye your hair black…” with this she tosses Roy a bottle of black dye.

Roy catches the dye, and just looks at Arram.



La Fon makes his way through the dance floor, several woman following, and clawing at him.



Suddenly the backroom doors open, and two vampire security thugs step into the room.

Sir…” one of them starts to say, but then La Fon steps in passed them.

With this, Vincent steps out of the shadows. “Hello La Fon.

La Fon looks at him, “Vincent.”

He then looks at Philip who is standing near Prosk’s desk, looking a bit nervous.

Suddenly Nolan Prosk stands “So you are La Fon… I am truly honored to meet you,” he speaks, and gestures towards a chair that La Fon might sit.

He does not sit, so Prosk sits back down.

And you are… Nolan Prosk,” speaks La Fon.

“Yes… Yes I am.” Prosk replies.

La Fon looks around the room, which has several security thugs in it, “Some privacy would be nice…”

With this Prosk makes a gesture, and Philip, Vincent and all of the security thugs start to head out of the room

As Vincent passes by, La Fon places his hand on his shoulder “You may stay Vincent…”




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