Wicked Winter



Wicked Winter

When the mirror casts my Wounded Reflection

I think of you…

All your Struggles

For some Semblance of Normalcy…

You are Brave

I have told you this…

I Wish there was something more that I could do for you

Something I could say…

But the truth is

I Can not speak when I am near you…

I can only cry

Am I selfish?

Should I cast my pain aside and…

And what

There’s nothing I can do for you…

But I want you to know this

Know that I want nothing but the best for you…

That I hope if there are angels

That there are three for you…

You are beautiful

Pain is so hard…

Loneliness, that most don’t know

I have suffered but shadows of what you’ve seen…

If only I could do something




4 Responses to “Wicked Winter”

  1. Knowing what to say to anyone who is suffering is so difficult. Take it from someone who has suffered a lot in her life (physical and emotional) and heard or felt these same frustrations from people around me. Just knowing that someone who loves me is there and willing to listen or hold my hand is enough. You don’t have to say or do anything else.

    • I’ve been through some tough stuff as well, but there is this Artist that I came across a while back on DeviantArt, who has had it much tougher than I… I wished her well one time, which she appreciated… But most of the time I just can’t get myself to say anything to her, because I just can’t imagine how difficult what she is dealing with is… My empathy clobbers me in such cases.

      Thanks for your Comment Lorna


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