Iliad (Chapter XI) – A Conversation


A Novel

by DarkJade

Book II of The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

Chapter XI – The Conversation





The party rides on, still some five to six hours behind my father, King Elias.

We’re in an area that I have not traveled in before, called the ‘Harkhorn Wood’.

It consists of extremely high, dark green needled trees, and large batches of boulders from time to time. But the path is clear enough, and looks to be used quite frequently.

Iliad is riding behind me, studying his book, trying to determine his path of magic… Captain Riotch and two of his King’s Elite Archers riding in the rear, one Elite Archer to my left and right, and two riding in front. Meanwhile Samyth, the Lamelon Warrior, has decided to ride along side me.

And Hemmingbyrds Spyr Bird sits upon my left shoulder. He is fairly large, and surprising lite.

“So you’re the daughter of Elias… Returned from the other plane, eh?” asks Samyth.

“Something like that,” Agatha replies.

Iliad takes note of Samyth’s talking to Agatha, but goes back to his reading.

“I do not mean to offend you my Lady…” he continues.

“No offense taken,” Agatha replies.

“I hear that you are formidable in combat,” he adds.

“Well… I do not know how I compare to one the likes of you, or your Lamelon brothers and sisters,” speaks Agatha.

“Ha… Brothers… We have no female warriors,” replies Samyth with a slight sneer.

Agatha ignores him.

But he is persistent. “Is it also true that your hair turns black in battle, and your eyes glow a brighter blue?”

“What of it?” replies Agatha, starting to get slightly annoyed by his pestering.

“Oh… Nothing… It is merely what I’ve heard,” finishes Samyth, detecting that he has agitated her.

“Very odd…” suddenly speaks Iliad from behind them.

Agatha looks back to see Iliad calling forth some purple lightning, in the form of an eight inch in diameter sphere.

“What is it Iliad?” inquires Agatha.

“We’re being tracked…” replies Iliad without looking away from the sphere.

Samyth reacts immediately, “Give me a couple of your Archers, and we’ll put an end to them!”

“You’re not taking my Archers,” replies Captain Riotch, who has ridden up to Iliad’s side.

SQUAH! suddenly squawks Hemmingbyrd’s Spyre bird, Mondo Gue.

Iliad looks up at the bird, “Let him go… He’ll find out the truth.”

Agatha looks at Mondo Gue, reluctant to send him.

“Send a damn bird to do a man’s job?” inserts Samyth.

“Oh gee, this should be fun,” speaks Iliad under his breath.

Agatha looks back at Iliad, then Captain Riotch, then back at Mondo Gue.

“Go on Mondo Gue… Seek the truth,” speaks Agatha, and the bird flies up into the sky in a blaze of white light.


PICTURE CREDIT – Veteran Warrior



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