DarkJade – Editing Protocol

2012 MI Ghost Protocol 4

DarkJade – Editing Protocol

Yes, that’s me in the Picture, Lol

And I know, I actually have a Plan… But I didn’t want to mess with that Text, Lol

Not bad for not having Photoshop… I used Window’s Paint, Lol

This is what happens when a Film Maker isn’t focusing on Film Making anymore, Lol

But in Truth, I have my Final Notes from my Last “Chess With Agatha” Reader, and I will be applying her Notes during the next couple days… I’m actually supposed to be doing that now, Lol

But instead I’ve been messing with this Picture for the last hour, Lol

Blogger Dedication? Or Hard Core ‘Editing’ Avoidance, Lol

Either way, I need to get this 4th Draft Complete so I can send it to My Editor, who’s standing by.

I’m also working on the Land Map for the Book, which isn’t all that big, as they don’t go to all that many areas in this first book.

And when I say ‘Working’ on it, I don’t mean I’m Drawing it, as My Drawing Abilities suck, Lol Well, they don’t suck, I’m ok at Copying things, but not Original Stuff. So I have someone working on it.

Editing Music;

I Will say, I found a few songs lately that I really Like, will be listening to when I Edit, and Posted on My Dark Xperience Music Blog… But I’ll Go ahead and put them here as well…

But first I thought you’d like to see the Original “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” Poster, Lol

2012 MI Ghost Protocol


Thanks for Listening/Reading




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