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Have you ever felt like you want to Escape the one’s you Love…

The Things you Love

Is it Possible to Feel Too Much…

To Care too much

What is it to be Reborn in some White Light…

In a Far Away Land

Surrounded by Blue Waters of Light…

Warm… White Sands slip between your fingers

Your Eyes go black…

The Skies Darken

Ravens Fill The Night…

The Air is much too Warm

Fires Surround you…

You Scream

But only Silence Comes…

Tears of Red

Why can’t we just disappear…

Pretend we don’t care

Live in the Clouds…







4 Responses to “Escape”

  1. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU!!! Muah! Lots of love, Emily šŸ™‚

  2. I know these words. I know these emotions. Been there, doing that.

    What you say resonates deeply, It’s a bittersweet thing knowing that we are never alone in this world, yet would not wish this on anyone. .Even those times when we need to be alone we often are never afforded the luxury.

    My mantra then: I shall try to stay committed to taking risks again, trying to trust that there are authentic people who are genuine and care when they say they do. I shall not give up quite yet.

    Happy Heart Day to you Dark Jade

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