Tonight – A Love Song For A Love

green eyes


(A Love Song For A Love)

In 1998 I Wrote a Love Song for my Best Friend, for whom I had fallen in Love… As she had with me

It was called “Tonight”



by James Mahoney


Dreams of her

Fill me Tonight

Green Eyes Hope

And All That’s Right

Shooting Star

She’s Seen at Night

Soft Warm Kim

Cool Blue Moonlight

How I Long for her Embrace

Soft as Silk

Her Beautiful Face


It was a Short Song, I believe the Lyrics were sung twice

I had Written the song on My Blue Acoustic Alvarez Guitar… Which I still own

The Love Affair was also short… 3, maybe 4 months

But we had both just come out of very not good/difficult relationships, and we just kind of landed in each others arms

I do not Regret it… My Time with her was Beautiful, and Powerful

And our Friendship the two years before, helped me through a very difficult time


love image


PICTURE CREDITS – The Best Color, Time & Love


7 Responses to “Tonight – A Love Song For A Love”

  1. Happy Valentines Day!!! Lots of love, Emily

  2. Beautiful and romantic 🙂

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