A Homage To Kimbra

1a918c14a5d011e18bb812313804a181_7A Homage To Kimbra

She enters the room, unassuming… Her band set in readiness.

From beneath her dark bangs, glisten her blue eyes as they softly glimpse at each of her mates.

Seeing that they are ready, she approaches the microphones, one was never enough, she now uses two…

Her eyes close, as she enters that place… Where she’s hidden her song, safely between her heart, and soul.

561300_10151663938925401_204536510400_23426264_1567002151_nShe lets out her first breath, bringing life to the tune, which soon reaches her lips, and unleashes melody and tone…

Her body starts to move immediately, as the song courses through her very blood, and the vibrations of rhythm raise her slightly above ground.

tumblr_m36a3tEPaM1r2g1nro1_500The band starts to groove, as her voice guides them on their way…

Their time together is intimate, and pure… Much like the cry of a new born babe.

Meanwhile in the dark, the masses who are actually before her, wave their hands in the air, holding up sources of light, closing their eyes, and mouthing, or singing along.

Kimbra then opens her eyes, and starts to prowl around the stage from one side to the next… Reaching out to her fans, while reaching into her soul…

She connects with the one’s that Love, and Admire her… And leaves them wanting more.

She Appreciates them… Cares for them, and often pinches herself when alone, to remind herself that this is indeed happening… She is indeed Touring, and Sharing, and Celebrating, and Singing, and Moving… And Connecting with People who Truly Love, and Dig her.

BC7vuxuCQAAyLaeIn the end she can not help but smile… As her bangs fall over her eyes again, and she peaks from beneath them to see if she has left her fans satisfied…

And then another song begins.



5 Responses to “A Homage To Kimbra”

  1. beautiful homage ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope she’ll see and read it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fabulous! She has a wonderful talent, a beautiful voice. Thanks so much for sharing.

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