So I Started Calling Screenplay Literary Agencies

screenplay1So I Started Calling Screenplay Literary Agencies

As I mentioned lately, I recently started to think about my Screenplay “White Jade“, which I had started to turn into a Comic Book back in 2006… And Self Published an 8 Page Partial Comic Book of in Jan, 2012. (The Comic Book Site)

I really like the Story, and it’s just hard to see it just sitting there.

I had pursued Film Making in 2000-2003, and originally Wrote the First Draft with the plan of Writing and Selling Feature Film Screenplays, and using the funds to Produce My Own Independent Films. That was the plan anyway… But sadly I stepped away from Film Making back in 2003, because of some health issues (Which are doing good by the way), and shifted into Screenplay Writing as my Primary Focus… But after a couple years of pouring hundreds of hours into “White Jade”, starting several other Screenplays, and Submitting just a hand full of Query Letters (Letters that Screenplay Literary Agencies generally want before deciding to take a look at your Script) to possible Screenplay Literary Agents, I sat Writing down.

Truth be known, I never really gave finding an Agent to represent me my all…

But now that I’ve been pursuing Professional Writing as a career since this Blog’s Inception back in August, 2011 (Primarily Books), I’ve decided to pick up my Screenplay, dust it off, and try to find a Screenplay Literary Agent.

I do not think this will be an easy task, as I know that there are a Zillion Writers out there… But for me, it’s all about actually getting my Writing in front of someone… So that is indeed the task.

Years back when I Originally finished my 19th+ Edit of “White Jade”, I asked several people if they would read it. Three out of Four really liked it, and one never got a chance to read it. Then last year at sometime, I asked my Favorite Writer online if she’d give it a go, and she liked it as well… And also gave me some Brilliant Suggestions in regard to it, which I have yet to incorporate.

Currently I have a friend of mine Reading it, and I look forward to hearing what they think as well.

Being that the Story is set in the Future, it shouldn’t be ‘dated’ or anything like that, Lol

So I started down the Screenplay Writing Agency List, which I got off the Site (Writers Guild Of America West), and this is what I’ve heard so far.

1st Agency) – Had me Submit a Request to Send a Query Letter via their Website (That was a New one for me, but it’s been 7 years)

2nd Agency – Gave me a Name to send a Query or Synopsis to (That is also a first, I need to figure out which I’m going to send… Maybe the Synopsis, but if that is the case, I really need to revisit my current one, and improve it)

3rd Agency – No Phone Number, only an Address – Skipping it for now

4th Agency – Will Send Query Letter Attn: Literary Dept

5th Agency – Will Send Query Letter Attn: Literary Dept

6th Agency – Not Taking Any at this time

7th Agency – Not Taking New Clients

8th Agency – No Phone #

9th Agency – No Phone #

10th Agency – Call back in May

11th Agency – Gave me an E-mail to send a Query Letter to (That’s New as well, but not surprised these days)

12th Agency – Left a Message, Lol

13th Agency – Gave me an E-mail

So I’m going to start with these, which means revisiting my Query Letter, and determining if I like the way it reads… I have a year and a half more Writing under my Belt these days, so maybe I’ll be able to improve it… We shall see.

Wish Me Luck

I’ll keep you guys updated


PICTURE CREDIT – Successful Screenplays

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One Of My “White Jade” Comic Book Set To Music Videos

9 Responses to “So I Started Calling Screenplay Literary Agencies”

  1. Good for you and I wish you all the success in the world. May these agents start a bidding war for your work!

  2. Good luck DJ!! 🙂 White Jade looks great.

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