I Need/Want A New Computer


I Need/Want A New Computer

There she is… Ain’t she a Beut, Lol Ok, ok, so maybe she’s aimed at more of a Gamer, Visually that is… But inside, she’s got exactly what I need (We’re talken about a Computer here, right?)

The truth is, the way Technology is, I basically need a New Computer every 2 to 3 years…

Why? Well, a couple reasons… One, I basically use a Computer like 12 hours a day… So, I really put a beating on one, so to speak.

Two, the fact is this Laptop is not able to support some of the things I Need, and Want to do.

Yes, for social reasons, I do want the ability to play an Occasional Online Multi-Player Video Game… Which this Laptop can no longer support, as Video Games these days are Very Demanding on Graphics Cards.

But that’s not the only reason I Want/Need one… I also want to get a Desktop, as you get more Bang for your Buck, you just lose the Mobility Aspect, which I haven’t needed all that much as of late. Plus I’ll still have this one if I need it, for Writing away from home.

I also Follow Several Podcasts, and may be Doing Some Myself, and this thing will definitely not support it…

Yes, it’s actually overheated a few times, which is new… Fact is, she’s just Tired I think, Lol I’ve Warn her out. (Still talken about a Computer, Lol)

Unfortunately, any extra money I have I just threw at my Editing (Which by the way is at an Outstanding Price), and my Admin. Job with the Architect has been a bit slow.


My Dad is a Mortgage Broker, and I was talking to him just a bit ago, letting him know if he needs any Admin./Marketing done, I’m his man, Lol He says if I know anyone in California, or Arizona that is paying anywhere near 6% on their Mortgage, to send him his way… He can save them a lot of money. Or at least some, Lol

So if you’re in California, or Arizona, let me know, My Dad works with a guy in Arizona that is Awesome… He did a couple of my Mom’s Refi’s a few years back.

I’ve also got My Books;

Published Works

I Died Once – Novella;
(Published August/September, 2012)

Available From CreateSpace, Amazon.com & As An Ebook for Kinde & PC



“I Died Once” @ CreateSpace

“I Died Once” @ Amazon.com

Kindle & PC


“I Died Once” (Kindle & PC)

If You Don’t Have A Kindle Don’t Threat There’s Free PC And Other Reading Apps Here Free Kindle

Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Black Cover, Purple Font Edition); (Published March, 2012)



Black Cover Edition


Black Cover Amazon Edition

Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Volume 1 of My Poetry Books, Written Within My “The Written Word” Blog. (Published January, 2012)

Available From CreateSpace and Amazon.com




Navy Blue

Dark Green

Orange Yellow





Kindle & PC


Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Kindle & PC)

If You Don’t Have A Kindle Don’t Threat There’s Free PC And Other Reading Apps Here Free Kindle Reading Apps

White Jade Comic Book;
(Published January, 2012)


White Jade 8 Page Partial Comic


Though I would need to Sell a Bunch of them, every little bit helps, Lol

So if you need to Refi, or need some Admin. Work done online, let me know… Or Would Like to Order any of these Books, Go For It!

And know you this, you shall be Helping Ensure that This Artist’s Technology is being Kept Up To Snuff, Lol

Hope you’re all having a Great Weekend



8 Responses to “I Need/Want A New Computer”

  1. Come play Guild Wars 2 with me asap 😉

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