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So I was making calls to Screenplay Literary Agents today, to find representation for My Screenplay “White Jade”… My Screenplay that I Wrote the First Draft of in 2002, then poured hundreds of hours into Re-Editing in 2003-2005.

Back in 2006 I sent out a few what are called ‘Query’ Letters, which is where you’re basically asking Agencies if they would consider Reading your Script… And if they like it, they might Represent you… And if they Represent you, they’ll start to Shop it around to Production Companies Etc.

Ok so, I didn’t start pursuing Film Making until I was 31, at which point I worked on Experimental Films… I had wanted to be a Film Director all through my 20’s, but the girl I was seeing always said she’d leave if I got into the Film Industry. Being she was my First Love, and I didn’t want to lose her, I basically didn’t pursue anything in Film.

After a while, I said “What about Writing Screenplays?”, because I figured her main concern with me being a Film Director, was running off with a Cast Member, Lol

I figured, well, Writing seems safer… But she didn’t go for that either, Lol

Anyway, we split when I was 29, almost 30, and at that point I realized I could Pursue Film Making at last… But, because I was 30, and at that point had hit a place where I really didn’t want to work for anyone anymore, I decide that I would try to Produce My Own Films as well… I didn’t have the money to full blown Produce a Film, but I figured, maybe I’ll Write Feature Film Screenplays, sell them for like 50k (If I was lucky, Lol), and use those funds to Produce my own Independent Films.

Good plan, right?

Of course, selling a Script is a whole other deal.

So I worked on Experimental Films, and I Wrote my First Draft of a Feature Film… But in late 2003 I stepped away from Film Making, but did focus on Screenplay for the next couple years none the less.

Sent out a hand full of Query Letters, with no reply… Then sat Writing down for 5 or so years

I know some of you have heard parts of this story… I then Started my Blog in 2011, and began pursuing Writing Books… But this last week or so, I picked up my Written Screenplay, and decided to more aggressively try to get a Screenplay Agent, and made a few calls last week.

Well I started making a few more calls, and got many people who said “We’re not accepting any New Writers right now”… Or, “We don’t accept unsolicited Scripts… Basically, if I’m not recommended from someone in the Film Industry, they’re not interested, Lol

Now, none of this surprises me… I know there’s a Zillion Screenplay Writers trying to break into the business… And truth be known, that aspect of the Film Industry has really, really never interested me… Not the Hard Work and Sacrifice, but rather the kind of people you end up having to deal with… Not my thing.

That said, I will plug on this week and make more calls… But man, my ‘Independent’ Mind is like ‘Woe, Woe, Woe!’… You don’t want this, do your own thing… Lol

Anyway, wish me luck, continuing against my Independent Nature, is extremely, ‘unnatural’ for me, Lol


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6 Responses to “The Independent Mind”

  1. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Good luck with it. I believe it’s just a case of finding your equal match and they are out there. It would just be boring if everyone said yes right away! 😉

  2. I don’t know! I sure wish someone would say “Yes” to publishing my books. That would not bore me at all. Hehe

    • I’ve never tried to find a Publisher… For the same reason as the Query Letters, I pursued Self Publishing so I didn’t have to rely on other People. But who knows, I may pursue one at some point.

      Thanks for your Comment Len


  3. You are a source of motivation and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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