The Vengeance – Employment

kung_fu_kid_by_davergeThe Vengeance

by DarkJade

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense

Episode I

Episode II – Employment

A Small City In Japan

The Year 2080

A Lower Home District

Tokui Shinsou stands before his old friend Arata’s home.

He feels ashamed to knock, and so instead stands in front of the door for a half an hour.

Suddenly, just as he’s about to knock…

“Tokui!” comes from behind him.

Tokui turns to see his friend, eight years older than the last time he has seen him.

He can’t help but smile just slightly.

“I can’t believe it!” Arata says as he grabs, and gives him a huge hug, lifting him off the ground.

Arata, is  after all a 6’4″, 280 pound, Japanese young man. Very tall for his race. And Tokui is after all, only 5’9″, and 175 pounds at best.

“Woe man, I can’t breathe,” says Tokui, half laughing.

Inside Arata’s Home

Arata serves Tokui some tea, as Tokui sits on his couch.

“I heard about your father… I’m so sorry Tokui,” speaks Arata.

Tokui simply nods and takes a drink of his tea.

“And your sister, I…” Arata starts to say, but Tokui holds up his hand, rage filling his eyes.

“No,” he simply says, and Arata doesn’t say another word about it.

“So… What now Tokui? What will you do?” asks Arata.

“I don’t know… Find a job I guess,” Tokui replies.

“Hey, I might be able to help you out with that… I do some computer work for this manufacturing company…” he starts to explain.

“Computer work? Ah, you know I’m no good with computers Arata,” he interjects.

“HaHa, no, not computer work, I was always the brains in our band of teenage offenders, HaHa,” he says, and they both laugh.

“No, it’s a fairly physical intensive job, but I figure you’re up to it… You’ve kept yourself in pretty good shape, right,” Arata says, more than asks.

Tokui smiles slightly “Yeah… A bit.”

“Listen, Arata, is it ok if I stay with you for a while? I can pay for my own groceries,” speaks Tokui.

“Of course, of course old friend… Stay as long as you like, it’s not like I have a woman that’s goina show up HaHa,” they both laugh.

Katsuo Industries

Two Hours Later

Mr. Katsuo, a fairly short, silver haired Japanese man, walks Tukui and Arata around the facility.

“It’s not easy work… But if you want the job… It’s yours… A friend of Arata is fine by me… Truth be known, I didn’t know Arata had any friends HaHa,” they all laugh.

An Expensive Home In Tokyo City

Later That Evening

A well dressed, 50 something year old Japanese man, sits behind a black desk, petting a silver cat with green eyes.


Suddenly a younger Japanese man in a white suit steps into the office, “Mr. Mashahiro, we have located Tukui Shinsou… He’s found employment at Katsuo Industries. He runs some manufacturing machines there.”

“I see… Keep two men on him,” speaks Mashahiro, who then turns his chair away and looks out the window at Tokyo City below.

Across The Street

Tukui Shinsou stands staring at Mashahiro’s home, his eyes tearing, rage filling his heart.

“You will pay Mashahiro… You will pay.”

A Japanese Salelite

“Tukui Shinsou Located… Awaiting Further Orders”


Episode III – Training

Episode IV – Truth

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