DarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

Black_Haired_GirlDarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

Hey guys, in case any of you are wondering, I haven’t just Dropped “Allure (Book Two) – Seers Of The Night“, Iliad (Book Two) In The Planes Of Ordose Trilogy” (Book One Being “Chess With Agatha“), or “Mady’s Storm (Book Two) – In The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe” Series…

No, in fact, quite the opposite… I’ve merely been working on getting “Chess With Agatha” Edited, and Self Published, which I still hope to do in the next couple of weeks.

In fact, “Allure” Book One in My Vampire Novella Series is sitting there waiting for me to send the First Draft to my friend Beth, so she can Review, and Line Edit it… But, first I have to clean it up a bit… And I just can’t get myself to put the energy into it, with “Chess With Agatha” still not Self Published yet.

But soon I promise.

And then, and only then, will I get back to some of these Sequels… Too hard to just Pile on to the Sequels, when the First Books aren’t even out yet… “I Died Once” is of course out (Book/Novella One in The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe Series), but I need to get Book One in the Ordose Trilogy, and my Vampire Series out as well…

Meanwhile, I’m also pursuing an Agent for My Screenplay, “White Jade“. Mailed out three more Query Letters today.

Alright, back to work, just wanted to let you know those Books are still in Full Swing.

Thanks for your Continued Interest and Support, it really means a lot


6 Responses to “DarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm””

  1. How much does it cost to have your friend go over and edit your book? I would like to have someone read over my story before I send it to any more publishers.

    • Well, my Friend isn’t an Actual Editor… What she does is Review My Work, to give me a sense of whether the Story is coming through the way I want it to.

      And then she does what she calls a ‘Line Edit’, which is basically her pointing out Grammar stuff… But then I Hire an actual Editor to Edit my Books.

      She just helps me clean it up before I hire an Editor.

      My Grammar isn’t good enough yet to Edit my own books… Math and Creative Writing were my thing, but not Grammar, Lol I didn’t have the patience for it… And I’m not much of a Reader, but I Write a lot.

      How many pages is your Book?

      And are you looking for Editing? Or an Opinion of the Content?


      • Makes sense. You better buy her some flowers or something for that! Haha

        • Yeah, I’m a bit surprised that she keeps doing it… I know she likes my Writing, and I think she said it helps her with her own Writing… Like practice… But still, it’s a lot of work. I do give her Special Thanks in the Books. And a Free Copy of each book. If I ever make money at this, I will indeed pay her something, if she’ll let me.


      • My word count is around 75,000 on the first book. I am certain that I need both.

        • Ah gotcha… That’s one thing with me so far, My Books are short… My Novella that I Self Published was only 6,500 Words… And My First Fantasy Novel will be around 24,000… My Vampire Novella will be around 14,000 Words

          But most Books are Longer I believe


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