DarkJade Publishing

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DarkJade Publishing

A year ago (January, 2012 to be specific), I Self Published My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

This would be My First Ever Self Published Work.

I then Self Published My 8 Page Partial Comic Book, “White Jade

Sometime after that I came Across Intuit.Com, and Created For Free

A Site which would Show My Published Work

I called the Site DarkJade Publishing, as I Self Publish My Own Books

And it seemed Appropriate to Call it DarkJade Publishing

Being ‘DarkJade’ is My Internet Pseudonym

Which I Created on This Site

And Have Been Using on Several of My Websites

I Never really Broadcasted The Site

Via Social Media, because it was more of an Experiment

Part of my Exploration into Self Publishing Etc.

But I’ve always thought it was a Cool Looking Site

And so I’ve just Added My Novella “I Died Once

And thought I’d go ahead and Share the Site with My Readers

So Here It Is…

DarkJade Publishing

Thanks for Your Continued Support




6 Responses to “DarkJade Publishing”

  1. Nice. Keep it up

  2. A successful parcours : )
    ps: the image of IDO is not “clickable” on the website…
    Keep up the great work, soon another novel to add 🙂

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