tumblr_lpm6lw0R271r07zivo1_500 2Wondering

Wondering if you’re still there

Wondering if I Am Near…

Wondering if it’s too Late

Wondering if this is it…

Wondering if I was wrong

Wondering if I should have played along…

That can’t be it

Love is better than that…

I don’t care what Cynics say

They haven’t Felt it in that way…

Morning sits in the Distance

But I have nothing New to say…

It will gladly pat me on the shoulder

Tell me how this is just Love’s Way…

As a Dreamer

I can’t let go…

As a Lover of Love

I’m not made that way…

So Bring out the Stars

And Write another song…

Keep Hope Alive

And Love will surely come Along…

Won’t it?




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