Something I’ve Written For My Grandma’s Service

First off, I want to begin by saying, I know Religion is a touchy thing for most people… And most don’t talk too much about it in group settings… At least in my experience. Is a Blog a ‘Group Setting’? Well, kinda, and kinda not, Lol That said, I have absolutely no idea if there is a God, but I know that it was part of who my Grandma is, and so I have included the subject loosely in this Document.

Nuff said, to the Piece;



“You Are Our Sky”

by James Mahoney

Grandma… And I know you can hear me. Because if there wasn’t a Heaven before, there surely is one now, made, and waiting, just for you.

I might recommend you let the big guy win a hand or two once in a while, at that card table in the sky.

We miss you… You know we do. There is no denying the Love, Admiration and Joy we feel for you.

You are Our Sky.

You always have been… And inside I always knew, that there is, and will only be, one person in this world that is you.

Your Laugh…

The most sincere thing that one will ever hear, and/or know.

You got it Grandma. You got this whole Life, and Mortality thing.

The Peace that would wash over me when you spoke of God, or any other Particular of this existence of ours.

You got it. You understood, and all I could do is sit back, my heart open, and hope for high amounts of osmosis to let this peace in.

Though that is much more technical sounding that it really was.

I just knew, that every moment spent with you, was a moment with the Greatest Woman, and Purest Human that I would ever know.

You and Margie’s Reign has laid forth the background of my world growing up.

To me, the two of you weren’t just two women battling for who could get their voices pitch to go higher. Though to this day, I could not tell you who would win such a contest.

No… As I recently told my mom, you and Margie were more of an Era, than just two sisters raising, and/or being with one another’s families.

The Rice’s must Love you… And how can they not. I suspect you are a Piece of every one of their Skies as well.

Truth be known, putting what you are into words, to anyone of us, is practically an impossible things to do.

There is Great Peace in the knowing that you spent 92 years on this planet with us.

There is Great Peace in knowing that you did not seem to suffer at the end of your life.

There are an insurmountable amount of memories to keep us company when we miss you from time to time… And we shall miss you from time to time.

Some much more than that.

I will end with this.

Jack was a Lucky man…

He knew what he was doing when he unabashedly pursued you until you finally gave in.

And Loved him until the end of time.

I know you still do.

And Thank you for Bringing Patrick into this world, one of the Most Amazing, Beautiful Life Filled Entities, and People I have ever known.

He is My Godfather, and the First Hero in my life. And ever will be.

The Closeness of you and Sonny… The Racetrack… Your Breakfasts together which I only recently found out about. I’m not sure a Mother and Son could be closer than you two.

He will miss you terrible I suspect. He Truly Deserved your Love, he is a Great man. And an Amazing Family Man, which means so much to this Family I believe.

And Most of all, thank you for My Mother… My Best friend for life.

The Most Beautiful Woman, and Person I’ve ever known…

Right next to you.

God Bless Grandma, We Love you


8 Responses to “Something I’ve Written For My Grandma’s Service”

  1. That was a very touching piece. I am certain your grandma would be proud.

  2. Very touching, indeed…
    It takes courage to speak at a service, but Love overcomes everything and gives the strength one needs.
    I wish I had known your Grandma, James. She seems like a beautiful and serene person.
    Was it recent, her passing away?
    Memories keep Her close to You 🙂
    xo ♥

    • Unfortunately I didn’t attend… Which is part of the reason I Wrote it… I asked my Dad if he would Read it for me… I was hoping it would bring some Healing Etc. to those that attended. Especially to the one’s that have a tough time putting things into words.

      You would have Loved Her I suspect… She was Amazing… Truly Spirited, and Driven to fight for what she wanted in her life. Which was largely to be around Family, but also many careers.

      She passed March 27th, yeah. She was in a home, and had dementia… But collapsed, and was gone within 24 hours. She fell into a coma, so I suspect, and/or hope, that she did not suffer much.

      Really Appreciate your Words H


      • Oh man, I knew something wasn’t right but I’ve been caught up in my own things and issues.
        I’m sorry for your loss James, although I know She’ll always be with you and in your Heart.

        Well, you were there somehow, and energy is everywhere so She heard your words anyway 🙂

        Lot of Love to you and your Mom
        Big Hug

  3. Hi DarkJade, I just want to let you know that this is absolutely beautiful. We can all weave sentences together from the most bright parts of our minds, but stuff that comes from the heart, pieces like this, leave such a profound and lasting effect. I can’t even tell you how beautiful this is, I just hope you know.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, I didn’t know your Grandma but she sounds wonderful. It is so difficult when our loved ones leave us, but I really believe that this piece expresses such raw truth and beauty.

    ‘And Most of all, thank you for My Mother… My Best friend for life.
    The Most Beautiful Woman, and Person I’ve ever known…
    Right next to you.’ – had me in tears. I know this isn’t meant for us, but thank you so much for sharing. You have a beautiful heart, and your Grandma must have been very proud x

    • Thank you so much Anna… Your Heart is Equally Beautiful in all ways… And you are a True Peer, and Friend, in All Ways

      I may have Written this for My Grandma, and for those Attending the Service, But I Posted it here exactly because of someone like you… Someone Beautiful, and Clear in Heart, Mind and Spirit…

      I’m glad that this means/meant something to you… I know that you Bask in the Same Waters as I… And the Beauty of your Heart, is of the Utmost Importance

      I Cherish your Friendship


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