Mady’s Storm (Chapter IX) – Identity

image_533110101422135234919Mady’s Storm

A Novella

by DarkJade


Chapter One – America

Chapter Two – New York

Chapter Three – Virginia

Chapter Four – Flashback

Chapter Five – Rex Taylor

Chapter Six – Sex

Chapter Seven – A Time For Giving

Chapter Eight – Nightmares

Chapter IX – Identity

What an unimaginable thing that a young woman would hold up the attributes of her one and only father, for all other men to try to compete against.

What an insurmountable task.

It was the sure fire path to a life of loneliness, whether you were in a romantic relationship, or not, bitterness, or constant let down of these unattainable expectations would surely be your undoing.

Perhaps this is why images of my father have as of late begun to fill my nightly dreams.

Visions of him flying backwards into the light, and clouded sky.

Saying such things as “You must open your eyes Mady… open your heart.”

As if that were some easy thing to do in a world that’s grown so cold since his departure.

And “He will be nothing like me Mady… that’s the only truth I know.”

Oh father, how I miss you.

Yes, these are the kind of little conversations that my mind is having with itself while I innocently slumber.

And then of course there’s the new ‘erotic’ dreams that also seem to have worked their ways into the sandman rotation.

These I don’t mind too much…

Full of dark, mysterious strangers…

Come to pleasure my body, my heart, and my soul, under the guise of dream dust.

I must admit, one third of my nights I find myself waking with such an unquenchable lust in my heart…

My bottom lip, bitten, and bleeding.

Panting in the dark.

Waiting? I dare say not.

But all is forgiven…

For never in my life have I remotely experienced such divine, sugary pleasures, as the misguided fantasies of my own mind.

My wits are surely not kind…

But they do truly know what it is to be in a young woman’s body…

Full of thirst, and trivialities.

                                                            Journal of Mady Monroe



3 Responses to “Mady’s Storm (Chapter IX) – Identity”

  1. The book will be done when I’ll be able to read it! You’re good on track! I love the image btw.
    I know I’ll love the story, hopefully I can read the rest very soon:)
    Have a nice evening James

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