Fear Trigger Points

picFear Trigger Points

Have you ever been through something so traumatic… That sometimes in your present life, something will trigger those feelings right back to the surface. I suspect we all have.

Fear is insane… So powerful. So relentless.

The best advice I ever received about Fear was from my very close friend, who is also the Architect that I do some Admin./Marketing consulting for… As well as my mom’s boyfriend of 30+ years.

He said the best thing to do with Fear, is to walk right through it.

Experience it.

Go through it.

Argh, this sounds treacherous, but in truth I’ve referred to this conversations many times over the years, when confronted with a “scary” situation.


Just saying it can be a positive thing whenst in the middle of it.


He’s also suggested, from some therapy that he himself had done in his past, that it is good to just say it.

“I am afraid of “BLANK”” (whatever Blank might be)

“I am afraid of “BLANK””

“I am afraid of “BLANK””

Over… And over… Again.

It can be difficult to do that sometimes. But. It can also help you to work your way through it.

Fear is a funny thing, because in one respect, it’s a natural “Warning” you know?

But trauma… Trauma can cause emotional signatures within our subconscious, that when triggered like I say, can bring the fear, and/or emotional signature, of a previous situation right back into our lap… Right back into our life.

And let me tell you it can not only be terrifying, but in some cases, detrimental, or harmful to the present situation.


There are a few areas in my life where I went through some difficult traumas… Some within relationships, some not.

And I have considered doing therapy myself in regards to these traumas.

I have indeed done some therapy a while back in regards to other things… Not tons of it, but a hand full of sessions from time to time.

Like when my wife of one year left.

She was on day one of taking a break from our marriage, and called me and said “I don’t want to be married anymore”.

For us, separating wasn’t so much due to our relationship, but rather our individual relationships with ourselves.

I knew this, and I loved her, so I said ok.

I got off the phone, and called my therapist friend and started doing sessions once every week or so with him from that day forward.

Truth be known, I had already gone through a major heartache 4 years prior, which rendered me emotionally smashed, lol

Yup, one year of nightmares from that one, ha

So when my wife left, I wasn’t heartbroken in that way.

It was different… But I digress.

My point is, I did counseling immediately in regards to our separation.

And I do believe it helped.

But I’ve never done any therapy in regards to the breakup where I was smashed, lol

And I’m starting if maybe I need to.

Because here I am 15 years later, and that same fear, that same pain has begun to rear its ugly head.

And frankly, I’m not all that cool with it, lol

It’s not who I am now… It’s not where I am now.

I need to work through this… I need to let it go. It was so many years ago, and it was a very volatile situation.

I’d just come out of an 8 year relationship, and she had separated from her 5 year marriage.

We were all about the cliche’, lol

We weren’t exactly each others rebound or anything like that.

We were very close friends, who kind of fell into each others arms in a time of need.

It was a good thing in certain respects.

But reality would not hear of it, and thus pummeled each of us within a few months of seeing one another.

I don’t want these feelings anymore.

It’s time to move on, to heal, to let it go.

It’s over… And it needs to be over.

I wish to release my heart of this burden, and love freely again.

It is my desire, dream and passion.

I wish to be free again.

Anyway… I hope all of you are doing well.

My Writing projects have been delayed a bit, due to waiting for one of my Editors to become available.

But this has not occurred, and so I move on.

All the best

Thanks for listening.



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  1. Anytime! We are always here for you.

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