Free Digital Copy Of My Novella “I Died Once”

I Died Once CoverFree Digital Copy Of My Novella “I Died Once”

In Honor of Self Publishing My First Ever Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha” very soon, I thought I’d go ahead and Make a Free Digital Copy of My Novella “I Died Once” Available once again, for those of you that haven’t had a chance to pick it up.

At the moment it’s available on Amazon both in Print, and in Digital Format.

Here is the Link for the Digital Version, which will be marked at $0.00 once the book is available for Free. (If it says $1.99, than it hasn’t clicked in yet, but it will on May, 24th at some point)

If You Don’t Have A Kindle Don’t Threat There’s Free PC And Other Reading Apps Here Free Kindle

I hope you Enjoy the Book, it’s a Quick Read (Only 56 Pages), but I’ve had a lot of Positive Feedback on it.

Also if you do pick up a copy, and get a chance to read it, I’d really appreciate if you might Write a Review/Comment on the Amazon Site.

Thank you so much, and Enjoy The Read




10 Responses to “Free Digital Copy Of My Novella “I Died Once””

  1. Very nice.

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    Be sure to pick up a FREE Digital Copy of My Novella “I Died Once”, see this Post for Details DarkJade-

  3. Sorry DJ cannot offer an opinion…It will not let me have it being in the UK. 🙂

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    Free stuff: just one of many reasons why I love WordPress

  5. OOOpppsss …. computer was ill .. missed this one. Hope you have another. Looks like a real good book. Love the cover …

  6. Oh I had not seen this! I’d share it of course 😉
    So Agatha’s coming out soon? 😉

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