Inherently Blue


Inherently Blue

It’s moments like these that make me think

Am I done

Have I done all I am to do

But that doesn’t feel right

I feel like I’ve barely started

What is the meaning of it all

Or is the meaning of it all some unique thing to each of us

I think it is

In the bluest of moments

I think of you

You’re not complaining, though you’ve been taken aback

You’re staggering a bit

But you’re on your way back

Then back to me

Some say being around me is like being around a mirror

They see their self clearly

But where does that leave me



Or simply waiting



I don’t feel alone

Maybe that’s you

And if it is

I welcome it


PICTURE CREDIT – How Many Shades


4 Responses to “Inherently Blue”

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    Oh I like this very much

  2. The first few sentences cut to my core. You truly do have a way with words, James.

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